6 mistakes that few avoid

6 mistakes that few avoid

What criteria should be considered when choosing a hood? What errors are repeated without paying attention to this device? Is it really secondary as you think? To avoid making a choice mistake, let’s analyze the 6 main mistakes that everyone makes and that you should stay away from.


during the Kitchen selection we pay Special Attention to several aspectsAnd the Especially for home appliances with completion. Refrigerator, oven, and often microwave They become the primary heroes of this environment followed by the stove.

what instead We tend to underestimate the hoodan item We often feel beautiful And it’s not very functional, which makes its use minimal. by herself This is really wrong big on it The hood is essential to rid the kitchen of fumes and unpleasant odors Which can lead to stagnation in the environment and create many problems even in neighborly relations.

We often tend to rely onto choose the hood, Accompanied by the chosen kitchen Without paying proper attention e without taking into account our needs. I m truly Many mistakes that few avoid To adhere to it at the time of purchase and then regret it inevitably. In this article we have I collected the most frequent to try to cure it And choose the perfect hood model for us right away.

Choosing a cap: 6 mistakes that few avoid

1. Aesthetics assessment only

Choosing a cap: 6 mistakes that few avoid

One of the first mistakes What we adhere to when choosing a hood Evaluate only aesthetics. While buying our kitchen, as we said earlier, we take into account various aspects without paying proper attention to the hood.

If hardware and other items take a few more minutes to evaluate, For the cap, we limit ourselves to thinking about the aesthetic function only Inside the environment we need to furnish. From this, a number of other errors were deduced Which, in all likelihood, They will make it impractical to use it of this element.

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Even if the device is provided by the manufacturer From the kitchen, as well as for other appliancesLet’s take a few minutes to evaluateIts characteristics And we’re looking at whether these are really in line with our practical needs as well as our purely aesthetic needs.

2. Do not take into account the size of the furnace

Choosing a cap: 6 mistakes that few avoid

The hood is that element that should be placed above the stove It is used to collect fumes and odors emitted from food preparations. Error very common for that Do not take into account the size of the oven When buying a hood.

In many cases, even when it comes to kitchens already configured by the same furnishing companies, We tend to notice that the size of this item is smaller Regarding the stove. It follows that the cover He won’t be able to collect enough odors and fumes Above all, you will not be able to cover the entire surface of the oven Which makes buying it almost useless.

Stagnation of fumes and odors May result from poor cover purchase over time Also cause damage to furniture. Let’s always keep it in mind!

3. Do not consider draft capacity

Choosing a cap: 6 mistakes that few avoid

One factor we tend to underestimate More, but at the same time the most important, it is Capacity Project from our hood. This is the How much air does this absorbfilters and then expels.

Towing capacity comes It is measured in cubic meters of air. The higher its value, the greater the ability to absorb all the fumes and odors emanating from the stove. this is It is not always directly proportional to the size From the hood, but it is undoubtedly a factor not to be underestimated.

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At the time of purchase then Let’s think about the use we will make from the furnace and, If this is too frequentwe are trying to Focus on the right model Thus it is able to guarantee us the right satisfaction over time.

4. Noise reduction

Choosing a cap: 6 mistakes that few avoid

a common side For all hoods is the noise that emit when turned on. Painful point does not often make us Use this device specifically to avoid having to hear a hum Continuous and annoying during our cooking preparations.

This is not the best solution, it is the solution Consider the noise factor already at the time of purchase. As, in fact, the capacity project also For the emitted decibel we can evaluate carefully The problem is already in the buying stage.

We will get to know The amount of noise emitted from the hood during its maximum activity, i.e. When used at full power. Then we can have it Noise guideline And if we consider using it too much, Expect a higher budget for a quieter model.

5. Do not consider energy saving

Choosing a cap: 6 mistakes that few avoid

As mentioned earlier, An extractor hood is a household appliance such as an oven, refrigerator, and microwave As such, it is essential to consider Not only the above factors, but Also save energy of the same thing. If, in fact, we saw how good it would be Use the cap often In the kitchen it is also true that this Involves large expenditures on energy consumption.

A common mistake we tend to make is Do not rate energy savings for the same item Based on Aim to save Taking into account only aesthetics and not functionality. at the time of purchase Let’s not forget Then to look The importance of a model that has a higher energy class Which, even if it would involve a larger budget, would include a Significant savings on bills.

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6. Reducing the power of light

Choosing a cap: 6 mistakes that few avoid

In most cases, The hood is placed over the stove Because it would have to be used to help us absorb and filter fumes and odors and prove that they are Valid support for our preparations.

The same in fact Equipped with interior lighting Which allows us in many cases Get to see more from the oven. it’s a general error that of Reducing the power of this light source. Check-in We consider So General lighting for our kitchen We bet on a Which model can be supportive during our preparations.

Gallery of ideas and photos for choosing a cover

There are many mistakes that occur when buying a range hood. In this photo gallery, we’ve collected a few ideas so that we don’t get it wrong.

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