Cosmari is afraid of being vulgar

Cosmari is afraid of being vulgar

Direct Amici 2021 Episode 12 December Live Commentary

At the end of the cover shows, the ranking sees Sissi and Luigi first with 9.5, Aisha and LDA with 9, Crytcal with 8.5. Alex, Alp and Elena They take on the challenge with 7. No shorts, high scores but the last three contenders still have to challenge each other. We turn to the dance, with Cosmari Who wants to convince? Alessandra Celentano. A daunting task for the newcomer, because Celentano found the dancer under her wing without wanting to. “I would never have picked it up, I was honest,” the teacher says.

All “wrong” Garrison who voted for her in the last episode. The 21-year-old is putting herself to the test on the dance floor with her zigzag movements. to Todaro, but we’re not there: “Cosmary must have worked so much, I expected more. In terms of daring and cuteness, he could have done better. A little spring in general.” “I don’t like getting caught up in the vulgar,” the student explains. “You weren’t supposed to be a tiger, but the most beautiful thing,” says his mentor Celentano. And so Todaro makes her a suggestion for the future: “If you control yourself out of fear, you lost at first. You can see that you performed to please others.” (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Sabrina Ferelli, shut up with Maria de Filippi

Sabrina Ferrelli Wide sleeves in the heat of the covers. High scores for everyone: Luigi 9.5, Aisha, LDA, Aida 9, Crytical 8.5. There are still many lost bids. Next to prove yourself Sisi, Who proposes a remake for you at least in the universe. A warm welcome and Ferilli literally speechless: “These guys are good and above all ready, they are already taking paths with regard to life.”

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Between one show and another, a strange character appears in the studio and Sabrina is worried. Space for the passage summarizing the closeness between Alex and Cosmary. Since joining the Amici School, Alex has suddenly woken up. She smiles but is very embarrassed. Alex, according to Ferrelli, is a smart boy because he understood how the world turns. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

LDA is dedicated to parents

Mattia wins the challenge Nicola and stay in school my friendI. It’s already time for the covers, with Sabrina Ferrelli Special judge for this episode. “I am fine, because I am far from you,” the Romanian actress jokes at the curtain with Maria de Filippi. And here’s the first custom casing heat, LDA starts to remake “Another Moment”. Gigi D’Alessio’s son is very enthusiastic and has something to say: “You realize that sometimes dad and mom make decisions for everyone’s good, but you don’t understand it as a kid. You realize they’re going to work to make you eat and you don’t miss a thing. I love my dad, but there are kids who have experienced the same things. Like me. I tell them to stay calm because their parents love them.” “It’s good and mature,” Sabrina comments. First vote is 9. (Updated by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Amici 2021 Preview and Live Episode 12 December

Today is Sunday December 12, it’s time for one New episode of Amici 2021 special. Challenges and tests today will not lack the talent that leads him Maria de Filippi, who hosts quite a few guests on his beloved show. The first is her great friend Sabrina Ferrelli, who will judge this week’s singing competition. It will be she who will judge the singers and create the ranking that will then be used to reward the first and send the last ranking to the challenge.

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He was among the guests of an episode Friends 2021 Also ricky, Ricardo Marcuso, a former student of Amici who today presents his new song to the public. At the end of the episode, he will also move to the Canale 5 . Theater Marco Mingoni Who will sing on her new song, and apparently, will have a surprise in store for Anna Pettinelli, apparently made by Rudy Zerbe.

Friends 2021: Cosmary is already the protagonist and has addressed and ‘has troubles’

There will be challenges in an episode Friends 2021 It aired today December 12 on Canal 5. Mattia Todaro’s latin dancer, he has to face his challenge as he finished his last weekly dance test. We can expect the student to be able to hold their seats, and win the challenge. Developments reveal that even a newcomer Cosmari It will be a great protagonist.

Alessandra Celentano, who clearly told her this week that he doesn’t value her as a dancer, will hang up her shirt today Friends 2021. after Cosmari He would then be a movie hero: he seems to already have a few suitors at home! Then space for boys’ performances to confirm shirts with planned surprises Serena e Carola. It also seems that after the challenge Mattia will suffer from a pain in his ankle: is his stay at school in danger?

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