Daniele Dal Moro’s review of Luca Onestini – Big Brother VIP

Daniele Dal Moro’s review of Luca Onestini – Big Brother VIP

just before dinner, Daniel And the Nikita They indulge in some secrets in the garden. The VIP noticed that the model was a little overwhelmed, sensing that there was something beyond her thoughts onestini.

Nikita says there was a morning discussion and from that moment on things changed a bit, maybe for both of them and not necessarily positively or negatively. change of perspective. “I have my own way of seeing things.” First slow in love, Daniele explains, but after a month at home, in close contact with someone, if the spark doesn’t strike, it never will.

The model is fully aware of this, agrees with this observation, and confirms some of the reflections that have emerged in recent days: We are used to wearing armor, but this armor just doesn’t come off.. VIP likes to talk freely, but she doesn’t feel fluid in conversation with Onestini. There are some inexplicable hiccups. Inevitably, Nikita compares with the man she knew before entering the house, there was no such feeling, they spoke without hesitation, calmly.

Daniel, for his part, talks about charm, attraction, interest, that after a month, 24 hours a day, the desire to be next to a person, hug him, kiss him should appear: “If this does not happen, then there is no point.”. However, regardless of everything, the businessman praises his friend, for revealing herself, for spending the time, and for not having regrets. This is to take home, the rest matters less.

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