Roberto Vecchione, his son Arrigo who died at the age of 36 and Drama the youngest MS patient

Roberto Vecchione, his son Arrigo who died at the age of 36 and Drama the youngest MS patient

“My life without children would have been a desert”, always declared Roberto Vecchione, father of four wonderful boys, who will be 80 years old on June 25, and who in his long career has always crowded his songs and writings with thoughts dedicated to children and more generally to young people who, as He said, they should be trusted and always given a second chance. “Children should be told that life is open and wonderful and that life, even in moments of pain, requires a moment of revenge,” he said. And a moment of tremendous pain is what life put before the singer, who announced yesterday, with a poignant comment on social media, the death of his son Arigo, who died at the age of only 36: “After all these pains, our wonderful Arigo is finally at peace. The family asks for silence.” There is no information on Arego’s disease.

Who was Arrigo?

Arrigo Vecchione was the third of four children to the singer-songwriter, and the second to his current wife Daria Colombo who yesterday dyed his Facebook profile picture completely black as a sign of mourning. Arrigo also had a passion for writing. He wrote the collection of poems in stanzas titled “Paradise of Geniuses”, which traces the story of personalities who have gone down in history for their genius. He was the author of the play “Il Paese di Notte di Notte”, a comedy of the absurd in 3 acts between dream and reality. Together with illustrator and cartoonist Alessandro Ambrosoni, he created a collection of comics set in Africa called “Beach Boys”. Together with his father, he participated in the Festival delle Generazioni in Florence in 2014, an event that juxtaposes young and old through music, conferences and readings from the stage under the eyes of Roberto reading some of his writings.

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First marriage and betrayal

From his first marriage, to Irene Brozzi, Veccioni had an eldest daughter, Francesca Veccioni. But within a few years, something cracked in the relationship. “We were in Florence, – I told Veccione Corriere, – and my ex-wife left me alone to join her lover at the hotel. I asked him I thought so. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself, I thought it was all fake. Over time I realized that love never ends. It is only embodied in another way ». After the betrayal was discovered, the couple divorced, but the affection remained over time.

The meeting with Daria Colombo

In 1981, Veccioni married Daria Colombo, a writer and activist, with whom he had three more children: Carolina, Arrigo and Eduardo. In 2011, the singer made her a strong declaration of love from the Sanremo Theater: “I have never felt lonely, because a thread has bound me to you for thirty years.”

Francesca’s daughter outing

“Francesca was 15 when she came to me frightened and whispered ‘Daddy, I have to tell you something’ – Veccione always told her Corriere – I asked her: Are you on drugs? Have you fallen in love fatally? No? So fav…, I’m hit having a stroke.” I always knew her, and never cared for her. Thirty years ago, I was a pioneer. I believe love is universal and everyone can make their own choices.” Francesca Veccioni appeared on the cover of Oggi Weekly in 2012 with her partner at the time, Alessandra Prugno, and their twin daughters, Nina and Chloe, who were born through heterogametic fertilization. She later founded the non-profit Diversity Society And fight for the rights of gay couples.”I accompanied Francesca three times to Amsterdam to help with fertilization – said the singer-songwriter – in the end, two little girls of 9 years old arrived today. I know she did it for me, because she wanted me to find Carolina too, who has two daughters.”

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Arrigo Vecchione, who is the son of singer Roberto Vecchione who died at the age of 36. From his brother’s illness to writing, s

His son Eduardo has multiple sclerosis

From the youngest son, Eduardo, born in 1992, graduated from the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema and specializes in multimedia writing, we know his multiple sclerosis, which he also decided to talk about in his first novel, “Sclero. The Game of the Emperors “, released two years ago. A degenerative disease he continues to fight. To Edoardo Vecchioni he dedicated the song “Le rose blu” in 2007: «And I will give you every sunrise and every sunset. his face at that time. Evening silence. And my dad is back.”

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