USA 2024, BIDEN RUN FOR PRESIDENT AGAIN: Announcement Tuesday, April 25th

USA 2024, BIDEN RUN FOR PRESIDENT AGAIN: Announcement Tuesday, April 25th

After a lot of half-word advertising, Joe Biden will officially launch his campaign for re-election to the White House next week. The Washington Post revealed this, explaining that the President’s staff is still working on the video, which will be released next Tuesday. April 25 is not a randomly chosen date, because it is the same date that, four years ago, Biden launched the 2020 presidential campaign that led him to victory.

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However, the sources cited by the newspaper warn against this Plans can still change and the announcement can be delayed. By taking for granted the re-election of the 80-year-old president, the oldest ever in the White House, who, should he win in 2024, would begin his second term at 83, his advisers feel there is actually no rush. In making an official announcement.

However, they have already begun campaign preparations in a clandestine manner, notably Anita Dunn and O’Malley Dillon, two of Biden’s top advisers, holding regular meetings with the president and first lady, and holding election selection talks. While the Democratic Party Committee funds opinion polls and research to explore the electoral landscape.

The official announcement of his re-election bid would allow Biden to begin fundraising and preparing coffers for the long and increasingly costly election battle. But there are those who argue that by delaying it the president can continue to stay above the political showdown, particularly during the debate among Republicans over the nomination.

The April 25 date fits into a beneficial window for Biden, ahead of trips to Japan and Australia next month, and before the increasingly looming battle with congressional Republicans over the debt ceiling poised for June.

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Not to mention that next week, Biden has set out a series of appointments intended to serve as a sounding board for his election ad: Friday night he’ll have dinner with a hundred major Democratic lenders, who on Saturday White House advisers will bring them in. Explanation of the policies and programs of the presidential elections. And then, on Saturday, Biden will be the guest of honor at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, the annual White House Correspondents’ reception that Donald Trump always ditched instead.

Although in recent months concerns have been raised by the media, and even in a covert manner by some opposition opponents, about a new race for the White House for a president of such advanced age, there are no alternative candidates to his nomination by the Democrats. appeared. The only two people involved in the field were two figures outside the political establishment, Marianne Williamson, a writer and activist who previously ran in 2020, and Robert Kennedy CR, son of Bob Kennedy, who is known for his “no-holds-barred” stances.

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