A pirate movie to circumvent the American ban, as in Russia you go to the cinema

A pirate movie to circumvent the American ban, as in Russia you go to the cinema

The sanctions that followed the invasion of Ukraine affected Russia in various aspects of the national economy. Among these are cinemas that suddenly found themselves without distributing American films. The pirate movie It seems they were the answer. In fact, there are cinemas in Russia that show movies downloaded directly from Torrent, which is an illegal practice even for the Russian Federation itself.

pirate movie illegal solution

It’s a real movie ban that the United States enforced against him Russia. For some time now, cinema owners have warned the government and disclosed their concerns about it, but in the end no solution was found and Russian cinemas found themselves simply seeing how difficult it is to attract large audiences without attracting an audience. Hollywood movies. However, downloading pirated movies from Torrent files is much easier than getting the movies secretly like it did in the 80s.

Indeed, if during the Cold War the Soviets had to cross the border to get American VHS To see it at home with friends and relatives, now you can easily download pirate movie online and watch it in excellent quality as well. And if it is also possible to rent a cinema to view it, then the problem is completely circumvented and solved. On social networks, for example, Batman movie It was announced orally, and the interested then found themselves in the room to watch the downloaded Torrent movie after paying for the ticket.

Pirate movie worried exhibitors

It is not clear how widespread this practice is in Russia at the moment, but it is the same merchants They are worried about it.

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Here is the statement from the Russian Association of Cinema Owners:

We understand that such cases are mainly due to the panic that has engulfed the industry in the absence of an effective response from the government to the current plight of Russian cinemas, and the failure of the Russian film industry to deliver amazing films in such a short period. term. They are of interest to a wide audience, and this is despite the wonderful support that the film industry has received at the expense of the state budget. ”

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