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U.S. diplomats in Geneva and Paris have complained of unrest. Blingen’s consent and hypothesis of attack by enemy agents

The United States does not yet know the reasons for that Mysterious Havana Syndrome. Honest statement from Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. And it weighs even more as new cases are reported.

In the summer, several U.S. ambassadors based in Geneva and Paris complained of discomfort, and one had to be admitted to hospital.. The symptoms are always the same: dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, strange wheezing. It is on the testimony of more than 200 officials on the list of victims worldwide.

The event kicked off in 2016 in Cuba – Hence the name – then extend For US (but Canadian) employees in Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Colombia and Washington. The progress of events, sometimes stressful, was followed by a series of hypotheses. First. It is an attack with electromagnetic waves, hence the hostile action of the anti-American. Second. These are always the effects of electronic surveillance by enemies. Third. Effects of powerful pesticides. Fourth. Annoying song by insects (related to accidents on Castro Island). Fifth. Use of equipment within representation. Sixth. It is a form of mental illness, which is overseas, work stress. With repeated footage produced by investigators and scientists – the alleged perpetrators were pointed out.

If it is really aggressive it may be the rivals of the Russians, the Cubans, the Chinese and the United States.. But at the same time, there are those who recall the experiments carried out by the CIA during the Cold War. The White House and the State Department reacted on several levels. Two working groups have been formed, including intelligence handed over to the person who directed Osama bin Laden’s research.. Their task is to find a credible explanation. The direct questions asked to Moscow failed. Also, a provisional arrangement was accepted, Havana law, which increases assistance to those suffering from symptoms. The move was in response to allegations by some officials that their superiors did not evaluate what was happening with due diligence.

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