4 Biden’s requests to Maduro to lift the sanctions

4 Biden’s requests to Maduro to lift the sanctions

Malta is flying 180 million pesos to Argentina before the election

Malta will deliver 180 million banknotes to Argentina by air in the coming weeks, as the South American country is unable to meet the demand for banknotes ahead of the general elections in October. In short, if it were not for Malta, Kirchnerism would be in an even greater economic crisis.

This is the delegation that Biden will send to Colombia and what he will demand from Maduro

Juan Gonzalez, Biden’s senior advisor for Latin America, said yesterday, for the first time, the four concrete steps that the United States expects from the Maduro dictatorship to lift all sanctions.

1. Definition of the electoral calendar.

2. Voter registration.

3. endorsement of political parties.

4. Respected election observation mission, such as the European Union.

“We have dismantled the failed policy of the Trump administration in trying to impose regime change through sanctions,” Gonzalez added, stressing that he will also be accompanied by the senator at the extraordinary summit “to get out of the Venezuelan impasse.” Chris DoddDa., Special Presidential Adviser for the Americas to President Biden John FennerSenior Deputy National Security Adviser to President Biden.

“We will travel to Colombia to have this conversation with Colombia and also with other representatives of the international community,” Gonzalez said, without specifying which ones. Gonzalez also provided details of the meeting between the Colombian President and Joe Biden. He confirmed that it lasted more than two hours, although it was only one hour. “There was a lot of rapprochement between the two presidents,” he stressed on Colombian television NTN24.

Chile will nationalize the lithium industry and create an independent state-owned company

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Gabriel Boric stressed that the state will be involved in the entire production cycle, even if there is an alliance between the public and private sectors.

Venezuela: Chavista Leoner Urrea spouses committed suicide in a prison, two days before Maduro was arrested in an “anti-corruption” purge

According to Venezuelan sources, the husbands were “killed”. In 2018 Maduro claimed that Fernando Albán Salazar had committed suicide. However, the regime’s public prosecutor later had to admit to killing and torturing him first. The husbands of Urrea, 39, were arrested the day before yesterday on charges of his involvement in acts of corruption at Venezuela’s state-owned caricature, of which he was president. Early Wednesday morning, he appeared before a special anti-terrorism and anti-corruption court, along with former executive vice president of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) Ysmel Serrano. Urrea’s husbands were being held in the dungeons of the terrifying secret service SEBIN in Caracas and no one has yet given an explanation as to how he committed suicide while under the care of Maduro’s intelligence agents. In short, the “transparency” of the corrupt Maduro’s anti-corruption crusade marks its first death today.

Finally, AMLO managed to sell its Air Force to Tajikistan

He appears to have concluded the final chapter in a political saga that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador used time and time again to attack the excesses of his predecessors. He also unsuccessfully launched a lottery to raise money. He wanted to sell it for more than 200 million dollars, Tajikistan gave him 92.

Paolo Manzo, April 21, 2023

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