Fiscal deadlines: May, the month of fire

Fiscal deadlines: May, the month of fire

May is the month with the most financial deadlines for the whole year: in fact, many deadlines will be concentrated in one day, which can upset the entire system. Let’s see which one is the main one and which day has the most deadlines. Let’s explore this issue together in the next article.

in a month maybeon one day in particular, a very large number would be concentrated tax dates. Liabilities and tax liabilities to be met will follow one another in such a dense way that an entire system can be paralyzed, putting professional firms and consultants in difficulty.

May: How many tax dates!

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May will be full tax dates As many of those in April were carried over to the following month. In this way, an overlap of deadlines has been created which threatens to cripple the system in the coming days. For example, by May 2 Professional firms, consultants and taxpayers are required to comply with the following:

  • an offer Value added tax declaration (which goes from the end of the month to its beginning);
  • send an instance skimming (Also postponed from the end of the month to the beginning of May).

Tax deadlines: Which deadlines are pushed back to May?

As expected, there is Several deadlines that have been pushed back since April In May, these are:

  • Value added tax adjustments – monthly and quarterly – processed;
  • Launching the 730/2023 campaign With pre-assembled form available (online from May 2nd and with follow-on edits from May 11th).
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There are also evaluation notes

In addition to tax deadlines, many will come Notices of assessment by the Revenue Agency. These letters refer to 2020 and 2019-related compliance letters, which have been sent out extensively to taxpayers by the Revenue Agency, many starting at the end of March.

How do the new controls work?

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Let’s see now How do the new automatic controls work?. If there is a recall after the automatic examination, everything must be settled within 30 days of receiving the summons.

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