US B-1 Takes Off: Beyond the Bomber Mission

US B-1 Takes Off: Beyond the Bomber Mission

The world’s skies are increasingly burning The Middle East. The third mission in eight days for i American B-1 strategic bombers, who took to the skies and performed missions in Uscencom’s area of ​​expertise, demonstrating their ability to quickly project their power into combat. A specific message that Washington wants to send to its enemies in the region (first and foremost, Iran) by launching a symbol of the recent wars in the region. It also seems that an ancient glory has reappeared in the same sky, U2 spy plane Israel headed to the Akrotiri base in Cyprus, following a reconnaissance mission over Gaza.

B-1 aircraft and military equipment in the area

The B-1s participate in the warfare apparatus deployed by the United States following the attack agitation Including the attacking group Aircraft carrier Gerald B. Ford, which includes an accompanying air wing for cruisers and destroyers. A week after the attacks, it was his turn USS Dwight Eisenhower His strike group was tasked with “deterring hostile actions” or expanding attacks on Israel. Aircraft carriers play an essential role in this type of scenario as they act as operational command and control centers, and serve as a take-off base for E2-Hawkeye surveillance aircraft: the latter immediately detect missile launches and carry out surveillance and management missions. Airspace.

B-1 bombers, heroes of recent conflicts in the Middle East: a message to enemies?

In the 1960s, the US Air Force began the Amsa program to create a new bomber to replace the large B-52s, the mission profile of which was no longer suitable for ensuring an attack on the Soviet air defense system. The idea was that the combination of high speed and electronic countermeasures could ensure greater success in nuclear bombing missions. The program proceeded so quickly that the USAF needed 240 examples by 1979. Designed to ensure retaliation against a nuclear attack, it required a system with extremely fast take-off times. In 1981, President Reagan decided to revive the B-1 program: the new samples were supposed to penetrate under the enemy’s radar horizon, flying at low altitudes, within a few tens of meters above the ground.

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The B1-B entered service in 1985 and all 100 production examples were delivered in the next five years. wing Electronic protectionHowever, it caused major problems over time: the countermeasures equipment interfered with each other and with the navigation and attack radar system. For this reason, for many years these aircraft were not allowed to participate in actual operational acceptance processes. Starting in the second half of the 1990s, the problems of the B-1B began to be resolved, and the aircraft was approved for use with conventional weapons. This allowed him to be the protagonist in 1988 on bombing missions during the operation Desert Fox Against Iraq, and again in 1999 against Serbia, in Afghanistan during the operation Enduring freedom 2001 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

New US air strikes in Syria

The regional war front is raging, from Lebanon to Syria, between Iran, the United States and Israel, with high tension between Hezbollah in the north of the Jewish state and Israeli air strikes in southern Lebanon. American and international forces stationed in at least northeastern Syria were targeted Four times in less than 24 hours With drones and missiles. This was stated by a Pentagon official, explaining that there were no casualties and only minor damage to infrastructure. According to reports from ReutersThere were three attacks yesterday and one this morning. In response to the attacks, the US military launched a series of attacks Air raids Against the facilities of armed groups close to Iran, targeting targets linked to the recent wave of attacks against US forces stationed in and in neighboring Iraq. In a memorandum to the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin He said that the latest attacks were carried out yesterday evening against facilities used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and against groups affiliated with the latter in eastern Syria. The one from November 12 to 13 was the third US sortie in less than a month.

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Among the targets of the air strikes, Austin mentioned a training center near the city Abu Kamal And a “safe house” nearby The fields. The minister added that President Joe Biden directed the operation.To make clear that the United States will defend itself, its people, and its interestsQuoted by an anonymous defense official Washington Post It reported that the training center in Albukamal was also used to store weapons and ammunition, and that secondary explosions were observed at the site after the airstrike. At least eight pro-Iranian militia fighters were killed in US-confirmed operations in eastern Syria. Satellite television broadcasts this Al JazeeraQuoting the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and sources in the Arab country.

New American bomber

Meanwhile, Washington is pulling a rabbit out of the hat: the… B-21 Raider bomber The US Air Force made its maiden flight on Friday, another step toward launching a new fleet of bombers stealthily With long-range nuclear capabilities built by Northrop Grumman. The plane, with a distinctive wing shape, took off from the city of Palmdale, California, at dawn, in the presence of about thirty journalists, photographers and aviation enthusiasts, according to current media reports.

It will be capable of carrying conventional and nuclear weapons around the world with long-range and mid-air refueling capabilities and will cost about $750 million. The US Air Force plans to purchase at least 100 aircraft. “The B-21 Raider is undergoing flight testing, which is a critical step for us,” said Anne Stefanik, a US Air Force spokeswoman. The bomber was publicly introduced in December 2022, and on that occasion Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin described it as “The ultimate expression of American-style deterrence“.”It’s not just another plane. It is an embodiment of America’s determination to defend the republic we all love“.

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