Shooting in front of a school in Uzza, Minnesota: One student was killed and another was seriously injured

A student has been killed and another injured in a shooting at a Southern Education Center in Richfield, Minnesota. CNN quoted local police chief Jay Hendorne as saying that when officers arrived they found two students shot in the sidewalk in front of the school.

According to witnesses, several more were shot. The suspects fled shortly after the shooting and a search is underway across the area.
Both students were rescued and taken to a nearby medical center, but shortly afterwards one died. The other is in critical condition. “It’s a sad day in Richfield,” Jay Hendhorn told a news conference.

The South Education Center is a school that offers specialized education programs from day care to high school and has about 200 students. This is part of School District 287, a reference for many schools in the Minneapolis area.

The murdered student was identified by a family friend: his name was Jamary Rice and he was at his second day of school, according to Minneapolis Star Tribune reporters. Chris Bulford, head coach of the high school football team that played Jamari last year, said he was “a boy who loved football and had a heart.”

Another school shooting took place at Bridgewater College in Virginia, where two officers were shot dead by a man who was detained and quickly arrested. “I can confirm that a campus police officer and a security guard died of gunshot wounds,” Logan Bogart, a campus spokesman, told CNN. Police tweeted that the suspect had been arrested in connection with the incident and was being investigated.

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The last school massacre in the United States Last November 30 in Michigan: A student killed three classmates and injured 11 others.

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