Felipe VI recalls the army defending the existing constitution, in the midst of the amnesty debate

Felipe VI recalls the army defending the existing constitution, in the midst of the amnesty debate

“defend Framework for democratic coexistence Get elected By the Spanish it is Live witness for you commitment With the community and who loyalty To our allies in the search for a safer and more just world.” This is the message that Felipe VI addressed to the armed forces in his speech during Military EasterWhere he returned to Preserving the constitution. After recalling that the Magna Carta turned 45 last December, the King of Spain claimed that the armed forces had complied all this time.”Care, selflessness, competence and dignity.” Its mission is to “contribute to ensuring” that Spaniards enjoy the rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution. He also praised it His delivery is “perfect”. He deserves all respect and the highest appreciation.”

In a speech he delivered before Queen Letizia that day Princess Eleanor (who attended for the first time and wore the ceremonial uniform of a lady cadet in the land army), Felipe VI emphasized that the Constitution “directs A free and democratic way For the Spanish people,” he stressed that the princess's taking of the constitutional oath before the general courts to become heir to the throne renews “the oath Crown commitment This way and with all the values, principles and rights it establishes.” The King also stressed the “fundamental role” of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard in “preserving heritage.” The historical identity of Spain“They are a good example,” she admitted Nobility of the Spanish people“.

The King's words were consistent with those of his Christmas Speech, a veritable ode to the Constitution, with the PSOE and the Popular Party calling for loyalty to the unity of Spain and the Magna Carta. At that time, Felipe VI stated that “every institution, beginning with the king, should be placed in it The place that corresponds to it constitutionally“and insisted on the necessity”Respect other institutions in the exercise of their powers,” and declared this “in respect of the Constitution No democracy or coexistence is possible“He did not refer, neither today nor then, explicitly to Ukraine or the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

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Minister Robles calls for an “immediate and permanent ceasefire” in Gaza

Unlike the King, the Minister of Defence, Margaret RoblesHe explicitly referred to and expressed the war in Ukraine and the conflict in Gaza “There can be no silence” In the face of violations of the basic principles and rules of international humanitarian law and the Charter of the United Nations, “No matter where it happens”. The minister condemned “violations of international humanitarian law in Gaza” and called “with all force for a ceasefire.” Permanent and immediate ceasefire“.

Robles noted Spain's commitment to… Peace, diplomacy, cooperation and peaceful solution conflicts” at a “critical moment for global stability” and stressed that the surrender of the armed forces for this purpose was “complete and absolute”. He also referred to the support provided by Spain Ukraine “In their right to legitimate defense and in their struggle for independence and sovereignty against The unjust and cruel invasion Putin implemented it.

During her speech, the Minister also touched on the constitution, which she defined as one “A Model Framework for Tolerance and Coexistence”. Robles emphasized that the constitution allows Spaniards to “be freer every day” and “continue to shape a more just and equal society” through “respect and compliance” with their obligations.

Princess Eleonor, King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, Pedro Sanchez, Margarita Robles and Fernando Grande Marlaska during the Military Easter. / Photo: Europe Press

Military Easter with planned scenario

The traditional military Easter, established by Charles III in 1782, went ahead as planned. The King arrived on time for the Swiss watch in front of the Almudena Cathedral and exited the Rolls Royce at 25 seconds past 12 noon. He was received by the Spanish Prime Minister. Pedro SanchezAfter that, he was received by the Minister of Defense. Margaret RoblesInterior Minister, Fernando Grande MarlaskaChief of Defense Staff (JEMAD), Teodoro Esteban Lopez Calderon.

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Then, after 21 salutes accompanying the Spanish anthem, the King dressed as the captain of the Spanish national team.Air and Space ArmyHe reviewed the troops and saluted the Spanish flag. Inside the Royal Palace, King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia and Princess Eleonor received 200 guests, and then, in the Throne Room, Felipe VI imposed twenty medals before making way for speeches.

King Felipe VI inspects the Royal Guard in the Larmería Square of the Royal Palace during the Military Easter / Photo: EFE

The Last Sermons of Military Easter: The War in Ukraine and the Ten Years Since the End of ETA

Various hot topics dominated the recent military Easter. Last year's speeches by Felipe VI and Margarita Robles focused on War in Ukraine. On that occasion, the King referred to it to highlight “the obvious importance of…Invest in defenseEmphasizing that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought NATO together. For her part, the Minister of Defense denied the state's cooperation with the Ukrainian army, and confirmed that the Spanish army would continue to send materials towards Ukraine.

In 2022, Felipe VI addressed the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the eruption of the La Palma volcano, the evacuation of Afghanistan, and the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of “Stop Brutal Violence” by ETA Appealing to “honor the victims of terrorism with great affection, remembrance and dignity.”

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