“iPhone US officials hacked by Pegasus spyware” / Apple launches war on NSO group

The IPhone At least nine employees US State Department They encountered hacker attacks from strangers via Lo Spyware Pegasus Developed by an Israeli company NSO Team. He reveals it Reuters, Explains Apple Their accounts have reportedly come under attack in recent months. The agency, citing anonymous sources who knew the facts, explained that U.S. officials were targeted. Uganda Or engage in related mattersEast Africa. A spokesman for the NSO Group told Reuters that the company would investigate the matter and, if necessary, take legal action against customers who use their tools illegally.

If our investigation shows that these actions actually took place with the tools of the NSO, we will permanently sever the customer relationship and take legal action. The NSO will work with any relevant government official and submit any information at its disposal2, reads the official note. Previously, a list of numbers with potential targets, including some US officials, appeared in reports about the NSO, but it is not clear whether the infiltrations were always attempted or successful.

Apple back in NSO group attack

Officials at the Ugandan embassy in Washington did not comment Apple. A spokesman State Department He declined to comment on the intrusions, but instead recalled the latest decision Department of Commerce American companies need to make it harder to do business NSO Team, Inserting it Company list. In recent weeks, international pressure against the NSO Group has continued to increase. Apple, in fact, is the case for the Israeli company to use Spyware Pegasus For spying operations against users who own Cupertino devices. Once infected, it can access data and files on iPhones. One of the key demands is to prevent the NSO Group from using Apple’s software or products.

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In addition, it has pledged $ 10 million in grants to cybersecurity companies. For its part, NSO Team It has revealed that thousands of lives have been saved by spying using its tools and that its technologies have been used to fight terrorist or pedophile networks around the world. Apple However, this is not the first technology company in the world to move against the NSO Group. Further Facebook He sued the Israeli community.

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