Branch in the United States, opening in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and in Boston and many more innovations

Branch in the United States, opening in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and in Boston and many more innovations

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June 13, 2023

The brand of functional apparel and footwear for winter sports, cycling, running, outdoor activities and fitness presented UYN-Unleash Your Nature, from Trerè in Mantua, the development of its retail opening plan at Pitti Uomo 104 and predicted that it would establish the USA in Boston while in terms of products, it launched A new collection of shoes and the innovative “Self Layer” line for the outdoors and active life,both made with plant-derived materials and enhanced through biotechnology..

Jacket “HydroCross” from the new “Self Layer” line, SS 2024 – UYN

“We defined it as ushering in the new post-synthetic era,” Mattia Pazoni, UYN’s Director of Marketing and Communications told, “because we want to prove that it is possible to give up even in technical sports and high-performance fields — if only completely — To use synthetic fibers derived from petroleum and fossil fuels in favor of natural biomaterials. We call it biotechnology, because it is derived from natural materials (corn seeds, kapok, beech wood, castor oil or eucalyptus wood), thanks to which it performs sometimes better than synthetics.

These are the collections of materials, shoes and clothing that have been developed at Treré’s headquarters in Asola (MN) thanks to the studies of AREAS (Academy of Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sports), UYN’s state-of-the-art research laboratory, which will be officially opened to the public in October.

Meanwhile, the Trerè Group is approaching its expected sales and distribution targets last year, closing 2022 with a turnover of €89m, and is expected to end 2023 at €108m. Italy produced 18%, abroad 82%, 63% from Europe, 19% from non-EU regions, of which 8% was in North America (USA + Canada), and 3% in Asia.

“North America deserves a separate chapter,” Pazoni explains. “We opened a branch there in January last year. After a year spent establishing the sales and manufacturing network, we now have a factory in Pennsylvania, to which we sell engineered underwear made in Italy, but made in the USA. We will also open a flagship store in Boston in the fall, oriented to what later becomes a domestic hub with offices, warehouses, research labs and showrooms to replicate what we did at Asola in the US.”

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The new “Self Layer” line, designed for outdoor activities, but also for those who rely on technical clothing performance every day, combines the functions of undergarments in contact with the skin (breathability, perspiration transfer, muscle support …) with a traditional jersey design. Available in 4 versions inspired by the 4 elements, with 2 shifts (Normal and Comfort).

The new range consists of “SparkCross” (fire), which guarantees freedom of movement, “AeroCross” (air), lightweight and perforated to facilitate ventilation, and “HydroCross” (water), with its fine yarns that capture sweat and dry. Immediately, and “TerraCross” (land), the most active outdoor jersey, designed for more intense activities. At the shoulders, the knit structure of the 3D shoulder straps provides the latter with additional protection when wearing a backpack and helps to evenly distribute the pressure of the shoulder straps. “Our core business remains underwear and socks, but athletic footwear and outerwear were the fastest growing categories last year. Self-made class will be our true gateway to the overseas market, the fastest growing segment,” Pazoni asserts.

The all-new “Self Layer” collection on display at Pitti Uomo 104 – GB –

The collection consists of a mixture of different materials: HydroCross consists of Flexicorn (a bio-fibre derived from corn seeds that is flexible and quick-drying), Coolth_SL (a bio-fiber obtained from Linters of cotton, the fine filaments that wrap around the seeds and give life to very pure cellulose) and Ariacell (a cellulose derived product), while the other three blend Flexicorn and Coolth_SL with Natex, an antibacterial polyamide derived from castor seeds, which is 25% lighter and dries 50% faster than synthetics.

UYN’s innovation is not limited to materials. Each self layer features our revolutionary patented Fullmotion construction. Traditional jerseys are made of two tubes of fabric, one for the body and one for the sleeves, sewn together in a T-shape. Thanks to Fullmotion, UYN technicians have been able to produce a jersey with a single tube of fabric in which the sleeve is continuous with the body. This new technology provides greater freedom of movement and eliminates seams in friction areas, moreover it reduces textile waste to only 4 grams and shortens processing times by 15% with consequent savings in resources and electricity: lower atmospheric carbon dioxide, And longer life of machines.

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Mantuan mainly produces technical sportswear, “but the shoe was an unexpected hit,” Bazzoni reveals. We first introduced them to the world at Pitti Uomo in January 2020 and despite 3 years of technical development of materials and technologies, they are still being built starting from the sock. We are almost ready to launch a running and cross-country shoe from the same sock. We are also thinking of introducing new colors For the very successful capsule we created with Patricia Urquiola.”

The technology of UYN products has led to the brand being chosen as a technical supplier of technical underwear and socks for all Italian national sports teams belonging to the Italian Winter Sports Federation. “The partnership continues,” confirms Mattia Pazoni, “and joins the national alpine skiing teams of Slovenia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Austria and France.”

The plan to reach 30 UYN single-brand stores, which will almost certainly be reached by the end of this year, is also continuing between remodeling and new openings. The brand opened a store in Zweibrücken in Germany, and in Trento in Italy, after renovating and expanding the size of stores in Rome, Viareggio and Salo. Also in Italy, they opened in Peschiera del Garda (in a few days) and in Boston, which Cambridge had anticipated in England. “We are perfecting further contracts for openings in Munich and in some Eastern European countries where we have branches, and we are also recruiting new personalities in the company to take care of retail development in this area,” explains the manager.

Finally, UYN’s new proposal in footwear is inspired by nature to give life to technical models. The upper made of sock, completely without seams according to an exclusive technology of the brand, respects the natural shape of the foot and guarantees a superior level of comfort. The new Urban Trail outsole provides exceptional cushioning and optimal traction. The feature of the massive cushioning midsole and the special design of the tread which in the front part is inspired by the hoof of the ibex, nature’s best climber, to achieve maximum traction on all terrains, while in the rear part it reproduces the hoof of the horse and is able to absorb the forces of impact with the ground, which increases the Walking comfort.

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Boots “Ethon” – UYN

In particular, the “Aethon” model, made with Flexicorn, features a slip-on upper made of a one-piece, no seams and no textile waste. For the midsole, a compound of EVA and sugarcane foam has been studied which helps reduce environmental impact. The “Arion,” also in Flexicorn, is a shoe designed for ultimate breathability with the hot summer months and hiking in mind. Thanks to the Sock 1.5 technology, the transpiration capacity in the upper part has been doubled. “Artax” is the third model in the 2024 SS line, intended for those who are looking for comfort and lightness in the city every day. The Sock 1.5 Technology upper is made from a sophisticated blend of cotton and washi paper, obtained from Manila hemp according to an ancient Japanese process. The result is an exceptionally cool and breathable knit fabric that wraps the foot in a sense of natural softness.

UYN has also developed the “Shockie”, a Merino wool sock boot with a 5mm protective layer attached to the sock without the use of glue. Thanks to the porous structure and grooves in the support areas, the Grippy Connect layer guarantees a perfect grip and at the same time a feeling of contact with the surroundings. It can therefore be used at home or for exercises in the gym, yoga and Pilates sessions, but also for outdoor walks and long trips.

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