Barbie, her first day is explosive at the Italian box office, in Marvel levels

Barbie, her first day is explosive at the Italian box office, in Marvel levels

It was easy to guess that Barbie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling was expected, but it must be admitted that this summer with generally disappointing acquisitions, her first day at the Italian box office was a real boom. On the outside, the movie won’t beat anything.

So heat isn’t the problem, let’s face it. According to Cinetel data, the numbers registered in Italy from Barbie with Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling In the First day of programming worthy of the best received Marvel Cinecomics movies. It was definitely expected to be a movie Greta Gerwig That would be fine, but here as abroad – with all due respect to Tom Cruise which, it was hoped, would save the summer from lackluster receipts Mission: Impossible – Margot’s smile and Ryan’s irony could have achieved the miracle that the models were waiting for.

Barbie figures in the Italian box office on its first day in the cinema

Just yesterday we told you that Margot Robbieproducer as well as protagonist Ryan Gosling affiliate Barbie to Greta GerwigSold the movie to Nadir maybe Made huge profits worth billions of dollarsAdding, “I think I have Exaggerated, but one had to make the movie, right? ” What if he didn’t overdo it? According to the data SentilYesterday, here in Italy Barbie recorded her debut, Ben 2,140,300 euros. in just one day. While the pure preferred Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part 1 with Tom Cruisereleased on July 12, travels on a total of 2,380,000, and a result of this nature is clearly like a jolt of adrenaline: a summer saddled with disappointing performances (even for acts like Indiana Jones and the Quarter of Destiny) gets a powerful jolt of glow-in-the-dark Rosco pink for a Mattel icon.
But how can we put 2,140,300 euros into context?

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Barbie vs. Marvel, Minions, and Super Mario

Referring to the audience’s great successes in 2022 Doctor Stange in the Multiverse of Madness started with 2,027,000 euros, Thor: Love and Thunder with 1,410,000, Disciples 2: How Gru Becomes Evil with 1,522,400, Avatar: Water Road With 1,454,100 (although James Cameron He plays on his own team, we just include him as a duty). This year’s undisputed winner (for now?), Super Mario Bros – The Movie, recording the first day of 1,240,000, for a total of 20,385,670 euros in Italy and $1346,387,100 worldwide (source Boxofficemojo). Practically Barbie is not surpassed except by certain phenomena such as the remake the king lion And Spider-Man No Way Home, with 3 million first impressions. bomb.
According to analyst forecasts published by Boxoffice Pro, for Barbie in the United States of America We are talking about a The first weekend between $140 and $175 million: In addition to allowing him to top Indiana Jones’ 60 and Dead Reckoning’s 78, these numbers would secure him the record Best Opening for a Film Directed by a Woman. An event that perfectly matches the feminist spirit of the story.
It’s too early to draw conclusions, but in a year that has led to the triumph of the Super Mario Brothers and seems to want Barbie to triumph, it seems clear to us that Brands are not only loved and revered, but also unpublished (or never exploited) at a major film event.. A mix of ads guaranteed by the power of intellectual property, with the curiosity of an inconspicuous transfer check.
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