Amici 22: Preview of the December 18th episode

Amici 22: Preview of the December 18th episode

On Tuesday, December 13, the event was recorded Special Fourteen afternoon Friends 22that will be broadcast Sunday 18th Decemberstarting from 2 mon me Channel 5.

As usual, therefore, also this week, we publish the article with spoilers From this recording, which was the last from 2022. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, stop reading here.

According to developments reported by SuperGuida TV, the Guests from this episode Stash, Enrico Negoti And the Annalisawho held office judges in the competition assigned to wrappers to rearrange. The prize for the capture was a show during Parties that Elise It will take place at the Parco della Musica in Rome on December 28 and 29 (the same prize was also available to the winners dancers).

It was the best of the race Angelina And the wax While Nephew finished last.

Angelina and Wax squared off, sort of hem, with professors acting as judges. This match also ended in a draw. AngelinaFinally, the winner of the bid was upon request Rudy Zerbi.

Nevo’s teacher, Lorella Cucarini, said she noticed a new singer at the castings, Valeria, for which she performed unpublished work. In Valeria, too, there is interest arise.

Friends 22, Episode Fourteen Moves On: The Dancers

Fabrizio MeniniHowever, he was a judge dance competition The dancers personally put together their choreographies.

Isobel He was the winner of the competition, and as a result, the dancer will perform with Angelina at Elisa’s concert.

SamuelHowever, it finished in last place.

after the race, Raymond Todaro Let him into the studio Auroraa dancer seen at castings, asked A.J Samuel And the GianmarcoHowever, the dancers he had the most suspicions about, to perform again.

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also Emmanuel Lou bring a new dancer into the studio, Vanessaasks for Megan And the Rita to perform again. One of the dancers will leave her office to the newcomer.

Dancers Aurora and Vanessa entered, as well as singer Valeria hut It will work with me teachers. In the coming weeks, a decision will be made.

Finally, as far as sponsors are concerned, Marley’s trial wins NephewTIM test, from MathiasOreo test Madeline.

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