Plastic surgery and science: an Italian in first place in Europe for research into fat and vascular tissue cells

Plastic surgery and science: an Italian in first place in Europe for research into fat and vascular tissue cells

Prof. Pietro Gentile, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome: “Regenerative plastic surgery and the scientific studies that prove its suitability for use in the reconstructive and aesthetic field are facts that confirm the excellence of Italian research in the world.”

Rome, 14 October 2022. Double recognition of Professor Pietro Gentile by the US rating agency “Expertscape” which identifies the world’s most influential figures in medicine based on the number and quality of scientific publications in the past ten years.

The US agency’s “Global Expert in StromalVascularFraction” ranking places Professor Gentile first in Europe and third in the world for studies on vascular stromal cells and fat filling.

Moreover, the rating of “Global Expert in Plastic Surgery” confirms – for the fourth time in a row – that he is the best plastic surgeon in Italy, placing him 2 in Europe and 11 in the world.

His publications have contributed to the development of a new branch of plastic surgery called “regenerative plastic surgery” based on minimally invasive methods that use autologous fat and its vascular tissue cells, for both reconstructive and aesthetic purposes.

In fact, adipose tissue can be used by the grafting method known as “Lipofilling” to correct or improve scars and soft tissue deficits and also, in selected cases, for facial rejuvenation and increased freshness of the face. In the latter case, as also documented in recent scientific studies (Silicone Breast Gel Implants vs. Autologous Fat Grafting: Comparison of Biomaterials and Bioactive Substances “Journal of Clinical Medicine 2021), fat injection could represent a viable alternative to the use of implants in breast augmentation.

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Professor Gentile deserves recognition for his contribution to the confirmation of Italian plastic surgery on the international scene, through scientific studies and research at the highest level.

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Here are the links to the ratings prepared by the US rating agency “Expertscape”: arrangement – StromalVascularfraction) (Global Ranking – StromalVascularfraction) (Italian arrangement – plastic surgery) (European ranking – plastic surgery) (world ranking – plastic surgery)

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