“You know what would have happened” – Libero Quotidiano

“You know what would have happened” – Libero Quotidiano

“I was approached by Angelo Meloni, Daytime Rai’s entertainment director. I know him well, I’ve already done the Grand Tour with him. He offered me 2.00pm ray 1 slot, But I have no intention of returning to Rai with a daily program,” he revealed Lorella Cucarini During a conversation with his fan club. He then added, “Besides, at this moment I would never have accepted a segment on rai networks, you know what would have been unleashed.”

I'm far from Mediaset?: Cuccarini drops the bomb insulting Rai

Therefore, Showgirl will continue to be a professor. Singing ad friendsthe talent show presented by Maria De Felipe on Canale 5. In this regard, he explained: “I’m fine where I am. What do I expect from the future? I do now friends, I like it, I’m happy, I’m satisfied, I’m calm and that’s essential for me; Then of course I am open to any further suggestion, which should be really helpful.” What keeps her in Mediaset is also the kind of audience she addresses: “The aspect that has given me the greatest satisfaction is the encounter, friendsa much smaller audience, you can’t figure it out with Rai, there you’re only talking to a certain segment of the audience, not to everyone.”

lick you.  Angelina Mango, the exciting revelation about Maria De Felipe

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