The famous rai broadcaster announces the tragedy: “He disappeared this evening.” | Tears poured

The famous rai broadcaster announces the tragedy: “He disappeared this evening.” |  Tears poured

During the last episode, the famous presenter wanted to announce the disappearance of a great character: a lot of feelings among fans.

plays Dancing with the stars Emphasizing that the famous talent show succeeded this year in persuading and exciting the masses who have followed the program with great passion since its first edition (dating back to 2005, ed.). The Dancing With the Stars formula has always been a winner all these years. It was decided by a group of VIPs from the world of entertainment and sports Prove yourself in the dance: a feat that is nothing short of minor for those who have never moved in dance. However, famous people can count on help Professional dancerswhich will help them make progress week by week.

Rai announces the tragedy – network photos –

On various episodes of Dancing with the Stars, contestants come later Evaluated by a jurycomposed of five experts who will give their opinion on the performance not only from a technical point of view, but also from a technical point of view.

The current version — the 17th, edited — has had some tough moments, like getting out of a talent show Henry Montesano For wearing a Decima Mass shirt during dance rehearsals.

Mille Carlucci pays tribute to the great designer: “He has always been in my heart”

Barring these hiccups, it can be said that Milli Carlucci is satisfied with the program’s progress, as shown by the data: the final episode was followed by 3,504,000 spectators, or 34%.

Only during the last episode, the famous presenter wanted to devote himself A little space also for the memory of Renato Balestra, the great designer who sadly passed away at the age of 98. Arriving in the center of the studio with Paolo Belli, Milli Carlucci announces the couples who have reached the semi-finals and then makes a tribute to the disappeared great personality.

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You will cry tears
Ray pours tears – Photo Network –

Wait a minute squad, sorry, just a moment, I have to say something – The announcer’s speech as reported by LanostraTV – I want to give a kiss and A very strong hug to the Renato Palestra family who disappeared this evening“.

Then Millie Carlucci emphasized the great affection she had for the famous fashion designer: “Renato has been in my heart for many years – added the presenter of Balando con le stelle – He has always been in my heart, Because he was a dear friendSo, to Fabiana and Federica, to her nieces and all of her family, I really do send a warm hug.”

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