“Unprecedented damage on three lines” – Corriere.it

“Unprecedented damage on three lines” – Corriere.it

The “sharp drop in pressure” announced on Monday 26 September by the Nord Stream operator could have been caused by a Attack on pipelines 1 and 2. This was supported by German government sources, who said that “an accident is highly unlikely.”: For Berlin, both lines would have been “under attack”. The German newspaper reported that tagspiegel. Nord Stream is a gas pipeline that transports gas from Russia via Germany to Europe via the Baltic Sea.

‘Unprecedented damage’

Damage occurred simultaneously on three Nord Stream sea lines in one and “unprecedented” day.According to RIA Novosti, network operator Nord Stream ag. The company said that it is currently impossible to estimate when the gas network system will restore operational capacity. He said the gas leak affects Nordstream 1 and 2 . pipelines Danish governmentTuesday 27 September, announcing that she had done so The alert level on the energy infrastructure has been raised.

alarm clock

Pressure drop in pipeline A of Nord Stream 2 . gas pipelinewhich is not currently in use, but has been completed and contains gas, Reported on Monday evening, September 26th. Ulrich Lesek, a spokesman for the pipeline operator, Nord Stream 2 AG, told Dpa that the responsible maritime authorities in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia had been notified, adding: “There must be a hole somewhere.” Just no one knows where.” The Nord Stream 2 pipeline runs 1,230 kilometers from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. The pipeline was completed, but gas was never imported, as Berlin banned its use in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the wake of the leak Gas in the Baltic Sea, the Danish Shipping Agency banned navigation in the area.After the gas announcement, Nord Stream 2 AG stated that, according to the Danish authorities, the leak will be in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone, in the sea southeast of Bornholm Island.The Nord Stream 1 pipeline also witnessed “We are also investigating this incident with the relevant authorities and the Federal Network Agency,” the ministry said in a statement Monday.

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