Poland, in the shadow of war, announces elections on October 15th

Poland, in the shadow of war, announces elections on October 15th

Polish president Andrey Duda Setting the date for the new parliamentary elections on October 15, according to the constitutional deadlines. Citizens columns They will have to vote 460 deputies And 100 Senators who will have a term of four years. It officially marks the beginning of an election campaign that has been laying its foundations for months on the repercussions of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Opinion polls indicate right And justice As a party favourite, but I Conservativeswho have ruled Poland since 2015, are unlikely to achieve an absolute majority in parliament: the advantage over the centrist bloc is minimal. coalition Civicdriven b Donald tusk, Former Polish Prime Minister and former President of the Council of Europe.

Law and justice continues to feature strongly in the National defense mattersIn an attempt to gain support by exploiting the issue of security towards the external borders, in light of the unrest on the eastern front due to the presence of Wagner, and issuing orders for a larger number of soldiers to enhance security on the borders with Belarus After the events of the past days.

I support a party tusk Instead, it seems to have grown in recent weeks, following accusations against the government majority of exploiting Wagner’s presence in Belarus to create panic among citizens.

Percentages less than 10% are medians of third streetwhile left Levica given at 8.8 percent. The big surprise in the election may be the far right confederateAnd

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