Ukraine, “Biden asks Zelensky to show openness to negotiations with Russia”: Washington Post revelations

Ukraine, “Biden asks Zelensky to show openness to negotiations with Russia”: Washington Post revelations

United States administration Atmosphere Biden privately asks Volodymyr Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders to report publicly editorial to me to negotiate with the Russia It is no longer announced that they refuse to participate in Peace talks with the president Vladimir put it in in power. The survey comes from Washington Post, which cites informed sources from the US administration. Not targeting the request of US officials Pay Ukraine on a table Negotiationsources specified that they, instead, identified Operation A attempt To ensure that the Kyiv government maintains the support Which country does not want war? Long lasting.

Sources refer to Washington Post that US officials share their Ukrainian counterparts’ assessment that Putin, for the time being, It’s not serious about negotiations Hello. But they believe that Vito Zelensky, the leader of the Kremlin, created Worry in some partsEuropebut also from Africa and Latin America, where the effects of the war in terms of cost of living And the shortcomings food They are felt more clearly. “The difficulties arising from the Ukrainian conflict question So reall For some of our partners,” said one US official. It is therefore the intent of the United States to avoid a breakdown of consensus around Kyiv, particularly among countriesEuropean Union.

So far in an interview with Corriere della Sera Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshuk He reiterated that “the only way to achieve peace at this stage is to… to complete to me fightThen he asked for it Europe complete to send military aid. Following the demonstration for peace in Rome, fireshock He commented, “No peace because I Russians They don’t want to. If we stop fighting, we will disappear as a people and a nation.” “I hope the pacifists don’t interrupt the support For Ukraine and do not relax Penalties against Moscow. “If Europe betrays its support for my country, the entire Western world will be in danger,” said Vereshock, Minister for the Occupied Territories. Regarding the diplomatic solution, amid the stalemate between the two armies, the Deputy Prime Minister replied: “I mean that at the moment impossible a solution PolicyThere is only a battlefield. Weapon force replaces diplomacy because it is the only language that Putin and Kremlin They are willing to understand.” He added that “a change of pace will only happen when Russia leaves the territories it occupied.” Putin is not just targeting the land, nor is it under the illusion that compromise is possible. Putin intends to abolish us as a state. He concluded: “It is a matter of life and death for us. Our”.

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Meanwhile, air sirens in Ukraine have returned to sound forcing residents to seek shelters, and tension in the Kherson region remains very high. To resolve the conflict, the Ukrainian president returned on the night between Friday and Saturday to demand a “just peace”, repeating lines red Kyiv: respect UN cardRecoveryland unitcondemn the guilty and compensation ruin Caused by Russia. Plot, diplomacy, still woven while also Thailand And offered to host the parties to start the dialogue. Meanwhile, conflict still looms the threat subordinate nuclearwhich he spoke on Saturday again Olaf Schulz After returning from his trip Beijing. “Not allowed, it is unacceptable The German chancellor said, urging “Russia to clearly state that it will not use nuclear weapons.”

The highlight is now on Kherson. Russian President Vladimir Putin I mentioned that I civilians Whoever still lives in the area should be.”evacuation“From the conflict zone, in what Kyiv frankly defines”Migrations. . the statements of the Russian president, which fuel the growing speculation that Moscow may try not to abandon the city of Kherson – the largest metropolitan area. under Russian occupation – At any price.

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