Latest news change calls

Latest news change calls

Everyone who stops is lost, especially if Telegram is stalking you: the upper decks of the Meta know this all too well, and for months now, they’ve been running for cover to give a good wake-up call to the development theme The WhatsAppwhich was not baked as it was at this time News on repetition Just to keep users close. The latest of these innovations is related to callsaudio and video, and announced directly by Mark Zuckerberg On his Facebook profile e Will Cathcart (CEO of WhatsApp) on his Twitter profile. Soon, perhaps, such a novelty will be announced directly from WhatsApp on WhatsApp…

WhatsApp: “Contact Links” access

Today’s news on WhatsApp is called “Contact links“, This is it Direct links for calls. As the name itself suggests, these are links where a call or video call can be entered without the people inside having to contact us through the address book: just send us the link and we, Just one clickWe’ll be inside.

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that simple One might wonder why they didn’t think of it before, but here we come back to the fact that WhatsApp has rested on its laurels for many years, with over 2 billion users. Now, however, Competition makes itself felt It is time to launch one novelty after another.

Around Ads: Mark Zuckerberg also made another announcement.

WhatsApp: Video calls up to 32 participants

We also test secure encrypted video calls for up to 32 people”, and thus closes the post in which Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of call links on WhatsApp. For the time being, we remind you, Maximum number of participants For a WhatsApp video call, it is 8 users. In theory, it’s possible to have up to 50 users, but only with the trick of going through a room on Facebook Messenger.

Contact links are likely to be useful specifically in light of Optimize video calls on WhatsApp Because it will allow people to enter easily.

WhatsApp: When the news arrives

The Direct links for calls It is already distributed on WhatsApp, but it will obviously take time for all 2 billion users to receive it. regarding Video calls with 32 participantsInstead, we are still in the testing phase and it will take more time: the technical hurdle, as usual, lies in the end-to-end encryption that protects all communications within WhatsApp.

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