They arrested more than two hundred and seventy people in Armenia during protests against the government

They arrested more than two hundred and seventy people in Armenia during protests against the government

The authorities arrested more than two hundred and seventy people during the protests in the capital. YerevanTo request the resignation of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nicole PaixinianTo demarcate the controversial border agreed with Azerbaijan.

A group of demonstrators managed to block the streets of the capital in a wave of protests led by them Tavush Movement for the Motherlandheaded by the Archbishop Bagrat Galestanyan. Among those detained by the security forces is the MP Ashot SimonyanWho belongs to the Armenian Alliance Party. The Ministry of Interior announced that an investigation had been opened into this matter.

On the other hand, the Holy See of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Echmiadzin announced in a statement that Galestanyan had put an end to his “ecclesiastical and administrative service” due to his commitments to the Tavush Movement for the Fatherland. This move comes amid speculation that he may submit his candidacy for the position of prime minister to confront Pashinyan.

Today, Friday, the Armenian authorities confirmed that Azerbaijan had handed over four regions that it had controlled for decades as part of the border demarcation process that the two countries began with the aim of normalizing bilateral relations. Demarcation work between the two countries began last April 23, after the agreement between the two parties, which includes the exchange of eight localities – four for each country. The negotiations took place after the Azerbaijani government occupied Artsakh after an “anti-terrorism operation” that lasted less than twenty-four hours.

The de facto independent Republic of Artsakh was a region of about 4,400 square kilometers in the South Caucasus, which has now been reintegrated into Azerbaijan after the 2023 offensive. Until then, the Armenian-majority region had been under the control of pro-Armenian forces for more than three decades. Despite the international community’s recognition of the region as Azerbaijani sovereignty.

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