The United States in the second win, Canada lost in three sets

The United States in the second win, Canada lost in three sets

They are the United State To achieve another victory in Group C of the 2022 FIFA Women’s Volleyball World Cup. Defeat Canada 3-0 (25-19, 26 .)-24, 25-15). The Olympic champions run all three groups well, running on very few occasions and claiming their second World Cup win. They will be back on the field on Thursday at 19.00 against Bulgaria.

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the match – The first group is balanced in the first part, with a start in favor of the Canadians. Then the return of the United States, which proved its reaction and acceleration, especially in the last part of the group, where it advanced with a score of 22-17. The seal is placed by Robinson in the first useful fixed ball.

The second part starts at an equal pace between the two teams. Superb play at 6-6, it was the United States who had an incredible save by Wong-Orantes who signed an overtaking and then an extension, with their American freestyle scoring point. Perfectly balanced continuity, you get up to 24 all: then the US national team will conclude with two consecutive points from Franti, who signs the ace first and then the first set point.

Even in the third United State They are in control of the game. So many mistakes by the Canadians, especially in the defensive phase, that they found themselves in the middle, down by five points, 12-7. Difficult to recover, coach Kiraly’s girls quickly advance to match point, scoring at the first opportunity. The Olympic champions finished the match in three sets.

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