Una Pizza Napoletana in New York is the best pizzeria in the USA

Una Pizza Napoletana in New York is the best pizzeria in the USA

has been published 50 Top Pizza USA 2023a ranking that brings together the 50 best pizzas in the USA, has been signed 50 Top Pizza.

50 Top Pizza is an online guide to the best Italian and international pizzerias without any preference for style.

The guide has no ideological principles, it is inspired by the concept of goodness in a broad sense, but it favors those who aim at local and seasonal products. The Guided Inspectors, about a thousand inspectors distributed across various continents, are called upon to look at the pizzeria as a whole and to indicate it on its ability to ensure the well-being of the customer on the basis of informed food choice.

50 Top Pizza begins with the first major survey of nearly a thousand people around the world, divided into national panels. Visits to pizzerias are done anonymously.

Judging methodology: Pizza quality (yeast and raw materials), service, environment, any wait times, drinks menu.

Top 50 Pizza in the USA 2023: Una Pizzeria Napolitana in New York is the best pizzeria in the USA.

Second Razza Artisan Pizza in Jersey City, third step on the Ken’s Artisan Pizza platform in Portland.

Pizza Chef of the Year is Dan Richer of Jersey City’s Razza Pizza Artigianale.

Performance of the Year goes to Tony Geminiani of Tony’s Pizza Napolitana in San Francisco.

The Pizza of the Year is “NDUJA from Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria in Kenmore”.

Neapolitan pizza In New York, it is confirmed as the best pizzeria in the USA. This is the result, according to the most influential guide in the world of pizza. 50 Top Pizzaannounced yesterday afternoon at 6 p.m. – New York time – o’clock West Edgeinside Chelsea Market, during a very popular party, which was broadcast live on the network’s social channels and presented Andrew Cotto.

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Important confirmation of Anthony MangieriVisibly excited during the ceremony.

In second place Artisan Pizza Dynastyin Jersey City, Min Dan Richerwhich also won the prestigious Special Award Pizza Maker of the Year 2023 – Ferrarelle Award.

On the third rung of the platform, Cane’s Artisan Pizzain Portland, to which the only one goes Green oven From the guide, a recognition dedicated to pizzerias with high environmental sustainability.

in fourth place, Tony’s Neapolitan Pizzain San Francisco, which also won the Special Award Performance of the Year 2023 – Robo Awardbeing the only one present in the directory with two pizzerias: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and Rock pizzain Las Vegas, at number 18.

Fifth place for Chris White so is it Bianco pizza, in Phoenix; Sixth place for Facesl Prosino Rosary And Pasquale Cozzolinoin New York, which also received the Special Award Best Pasta Proposal 2023 – Pastificio Di Martino Award; Seventh place for 0′ Monacello, in Miami; eighth place for Jay Artisan Pizzeriain Kenmore, which also received the Special Award Pizza of the Year 2023 – Sorrentine Dairy prizewith Nduga; Ninth place for Song’E Naplesin New York, which also won the Special Award Best Fried Food – Il Fritturista 2023 – Oleificio Zucchi Award; Closes the top ten cystyin New York.

Among other special prizes: Best Wine List 2023 – Asti DOCG Award Going to Oops, in Brooklyn; the Best Service 2023 – Goeldlin Award Going to Pizza Factoryin Tampa; the New entry for 2023 – Solania Prize Going to Secret Pizza, in New York; the prize One to Watch 2023 – Fedegroup Prize Going to Six pizza, In Los Angeles; Finally, the Best Service Beer 2023 – Fratelli Perrella Beer Award Going to craft 64in Scottsdale.

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For the first time, A.A Green oventhe recognition given to pizzerias with a strong focus on environmental sustainability practices, goes to Cane’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, which joins six other pizzerias in Europe with the same nod.

New York is the most represented city in the USA, with no fewer than ten pizzerias in the directory, followed by Portland, Miami and San Francisco, with three establishments each.

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