The USA has accused Google of manipulating ads

The USA has accused Google of manipulating ads

Google has been deceiving publishers and advertisers for years about the pricing and processing of their advertising auctions, with some companies creating secret plans to reduce sales and raise prices for buyers. Meanwhile, Alphabet’s company stopped advertising price differentials, which were communicated to publishers and advertisers, and expanded its digital monopoly using the money to handle future auctions. These are the allegations and classified details in the case filed by the Attorney General in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York.

The news comes after a federal judge this week ruled that a case filed last year could be classified. On the contrary, the company, headed by CEO Sundar Pichai, will present a resolution to close the case in the coming days. According to a spokesman for the company, the lawsuit was probably funded by the FBI. But the case has been linked to a separate no-confidence motion by more than thirty public prosecutors focusing on the judiciary and Google search services. These cases are expected to be discussed from next year.

Meanwhile, from London, Google yesterday announced its acquisition of the already partially occupied Central St. Giles Multifunctional complex for $ 1 billion (80 880 million).

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