Ukraine, Russia and Kadyrov to Putin: “Use nuclear weapons”

Ukraine, Russia and Kadyrov to Putin: “Use nuclear weapons”

Russia should use low-capacity nuclear weapons against Ukraine. A new approach of the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who criticizes the Russian military leaders for withdrawing from the Lyman and suggests that Vladimir Putin consider the possibility of using low-potential nuclear weapons.

In a message on Telegram, Kadyrov – who was to be transferred yesterday in the Kremlin during a ceremony to annex four Ukrainian regions to Russia – wrote: “In my personal opinion, more stringent measures should be taken, up to the military declaration in the border regions and the use of low-powered nuclear weapons.” Then the Chechen leader criticized Colonel Alexander Lapin, the commander of the Russian forces fighting at Lyman, calling him “average.”

The Ukrainian armed forces have taken control of the vital city of Donetsk in the past few hours, Kyiv army spokesman, Sergei Cherivati, has confirmed, citing Okranska Pravda, as information and videos showing the Ukrainian flag waving at the entrance to the city showed “Right, we are already in Lyman, But the fight continues.”

Ukrainian units also reached Torsk, 16 kilometers east of Lyman. Also, according to Ukrainian sources, Kyiv units bypassed the Lyman to advance northeast towards Kremena, 33 kilometers from Lyman.

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