The Colboni government denies the Barcelona Agreement 12 AD

The Colboni government denies the Barcelona Agreement 12 AD

First Deputy Mayor and Official Spokesman for the Municipal Group of Medina Center, Laya Bonnet, He unlinked the results From the Catalan elections 12-M From any government agreement in Barcelona What the city’s mayor, Jaume Colboni, should do to expand executive power: “Barcelona is Barcelona and decisions are made in Barcelona,” he said in an interview with “The Basics”, from Petifthe day after the election.

Bonnet emphasized that the starting point for the municipal government in the negotiations will be “Only talking about Barcelona” He admitted, “We shared this thinking with other formations.” Asked whether the Human Rights Council’s eventual rejection of socialist Salvador Illa’s inauguration could influence municipal politics, the third man in Colboni said: “The moment we reach an agreement will be… Giving priority to Barcelona and not relying on other scenarios“.

In the interview with “Basics”Laia Bonet insisted that “we want to work for more expanded governance in Barcelona”, although it was not specified by whom or when the expansion of government could be achieved. At the end of April, the city’s mayor, Jaume Colboni, said he considered it a “reasonable” deadline to reach an agreement before the summer. Bye for now, The main ally of the socialists in Barcelona was the ERCWith whom the Colboni team concluded an agreement for the 2024 budget.

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