The photographer notices something under the dog and gets very scared, it wasn’t his puppy

The photographer notices something under the dog and gets very scared, it wasn’t his puppy

A photographer notices something under the dog and realizes it’s not a puppy of his own. That’s what it was, creepy.

Something strange about the dog –

What this photographer saw in India while he was there taking pictures surprised him a lot. She noticed something under a dog and soon realized it wasn’t her puppy. When he understands what it is about, he immediately asks the staff for information and gets carried away. That’s what was under the dog.

That’s what was under the dog

As we said, this is a strange situation that happened to a 48-year-old photographer while he was visiting the Indian reservation. Here he found a rather strange thing. He saw something under the dog but it wasn’t actually his puppy. It was a little monkey.

The mother dog had practically adopted a monkey And the photographer was able to capture it all while he was just here to take pictures of the reserve. The little monkey was playing with the big dog who didn’t seem bothered by all this at all. So he decided to ask for information.

A dog with a little monkey
A dog with a little monkey –

Here the operators told him that it was the dog who had adopted the monkey. It happened after the locals poisoned their mother and she died. Only 10 days after birth, the baby monkey was left alone. Fortunately, she was able to survive thanks to a local dog who was pregnant.

Most likely the dog was driven by maternal instinct and decided to take care of her. All this does not bother the play and the dog at allIn fact, it allows the little monkey to cuddle it completely. A family that is not very ordinary but that can give a life lesson to many.

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Species that adopt other species

This isn’t the first time that one animal species has adopted another. Maternal instinct is a very specific feature of each species. In effect, this ensures the survival of newborn children and ensures their ability to reach adulthood. Certainly when puppies happen to be abandoned or orphaned, there are other animals willing to help them.

Like the case of this dog with a little monkey. But there is also a story that tells the exact opposite. The story of the gorilla Koko is told in a book I love you as you are. Writer Lisa Rojak He wanted to talk about the puppies that different species adopt.

Animal adoption
Adoption among animals –

Coco’s story is just one of those that you find in the book. The gorilla has been taught sign language so that it can communicate. That’s how it is He expressed his desire to take care of a cat who could also keep him.

Often the maternal instinct is very strong. These two stories perfectly represent him and, as we said, can serve as an example to many people. You know, sometimes animals are very smart and above all very sensitive.

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