Kebhouze, the luxury kebab chain launched by Gianluca Vacchi, is losing out

He is at a loss, however as a booz announces a new opening, a London. The numbers are on hand balance The corporate identity of the company that Gianluca Facci She brought her series all over Italy Excellent kebab (Come here 12 to 14 euros each), accumulated losses worth 1.9 million from the euro. He was the first to break the news Italian affairsWhich explained how Vakshi himself was 92% controlling the company along with his counterpart Coviva Holdinggathered shareholders to determine the losses accumulated up to this point: just under two million, of which 1.3 in 2022 alone. Losses that distorted capital: it was necessary to settle liabilities Reset reserves And decrease the capital From one million to 264 thousand euros. Although things did not go well, New offices continued to openskips 110 workers: Milan (with four stores, the last one opened in May), RomeAnd VeniceAnd Turin These are just some of the Italian cities, but they are already on the mailing list Ibiza. The company defends itself: Losses are expectedExplain the leaders.

Expert: Weak association between influencer and brand

To try to understand the reasons for such a “stroke”, the analysis of the founder of Deep Marketing can be useful, Francesco GalvaniExpert in strategic marketing and branding. “A famous fascist?” , is the first reflection. “Of course yes, 25 million followers On Instagram there are no trivialities and she has a unique ability for it Draws attention affiliate middle And adoring crowds.” “But being super famous does have benefits when it comes to transferring fame to a job? referring to companies that are not easily associated with the famous person. “Vachi’s fame supported the launch of Kippuz, But in the long run It didn’t have any particular value. Both because the company is called Kebhouze and not Fatchi kebabBecause there is no prior link in most people’s minds between them Gianluca Vacchi and fast food». It can be said that launch From the brand, therefore, it succeeded, but in the long run the novelty of kebabs with different types of meat (Chicken, veal and turkey, black angus) And not only that, problems have arisen.

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Image and number of rooms

According to Galvani, these relate to both positioning in the premium segment and general picture. Just think, in the first case, like a trend Deluxe burger It took two decades to mature, with the contribution of companies, experts and trade fairs: «No single company can do the same thing, not in a few years – he added -. In my opinion, the management greatly underestimated it Impossible for one company (Moreover, small) to create a new market such as the luxury kebab market ». In the second case, what is not convincing is the formatted image, and visual identity And the slogan, given how much man is a visual “animal”: «I cannot deny, for example, that photographs of the interiors of shops Overly stimulating graphic options and chaos. Or that already existing Many colorsYou scream so much, everything is daring.”
Could he have been an impulsive choice to open several clubs? “As a single possessor startup companies And a brand new – wind up galvani -. In this case, it makes sense to focus on making one or a few major offices work well. We need to find the square there. This does not completely remove the riskbut reduces it.” “An ant that falls from the tenth floor does no harm. Yes, a cow.”

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