Ukraine: Russian missile hits apartment building in Kharkiv, at least one dead – Europe

Ukraine: Russian missile hits apartment building in Kharkiv, at least one dead – Europe

The Russians bombed a residential building in the evening hours to KharkovIn the “Kyiv” district: according to the mayor of the Ukrainian city, Terekhov. Quoting UNIAN, the mayor clarified “A residential building was hit and a fire broke out in the building. massive damage. An enemy missile hit a residential building in the city center. Maybe it was the S-300 missile. All emergency services are working on site.” The fourth floor of the building was completely destroyed, Ukrinform reports, adding that “at least two injured people have been removed from the building according to local residents.” Telegram of the head of the Kharkiv regional administration, Three of them were wounded, and one of these succumbed to her injuries. “Rescue operations are continuing,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Kyiv is increasing its pressure on its allies to obtain more powerful weapons and a better confrontation for the great battles of spring, when the earth will no longer freeze. Volodymyr Zelensky’s first request is for long-range missiles, but the real target is fighter jets. And now in Washington, the question is beginning to be considered. Instead, in Europe, on the German side, attempts are being made to rekindle the flame of dialogue: Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed that he wants to talk again with Vladimir Putin. And the Kremlin seems to have appreciated it. Zelensky, in his evening message to the nation, thanked the allies, including Italy, for their “recent significant achievements in the field of defence”.

He hoped to maintain this “momentum” in two directions: to “accelerate” the arms supplies already agreed upon and to “assess” the dispatch of “new types”. The Ukrainian leader has in mind, first of all, “long-range missiles”. Because the American HIMARS missile launchers used so far “have a range of 80 kilometers and cannot reach many of the occupied areas.” Instead, giving the “Atacms a radius of 300 kilometers” would put the Russian artillery further from the front under pressure, which has so far been able to hit cities without hindrance, emphasized Zelensky, who also called the General Staff to take stock of weapons and ammunition. In addition to the Atacms, Kyiv will try to acquire something that at the beginning of the war seemed taboo for Westerners, namely combat aircraft. About two dozen aircraft, including the American F16, the French Rafale or the Swedish Gripen, are the wishes of the Air Force to modernize the Soviet-era fleet. This kind of supply has already been requested in the past, but what is new is that Americans are not closing the door. In fact, according to Politico, there is a group of military officials at the Pentagon pressing in this direction. Moreover, notes the Wall Street Journal, fear that a prolonged war could play into Moscow’s hands seems to be growing among NATO officials. Hence the need to arm Kyiv as much as possible. At the moment, Berlin does not want to hear about the planes belonging to the Ukrainians. Bringing this issue to the table “would not be considered serious by public opinion,” said Schulze, after painfully agreeing to send Leopard tanks, under pressure from the Allies. The German chancellor remains committed to “avoiding an escalation” that leads to “a war between NATO and Russia.” To this, he declared: “I will talk to Putin again on the phone. It is up to him to withdraw troops from Ukraine and stop this terrible and senseless war.” The Kremlin’s response is a line of divination, but it is not sealed: “No agreed-upon talks are planned,” but “Putin was and remains open to contacts,” Dmitry Peskov asserted.

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But all Western suspicions of Moscow were summed up by Guido Croceto: “I had no prejudice against Russia. On the contrary. Attempt to annex another country,” the defense minister said. The next day, Dmitry Medvedev was severely attacked and insulted. On the ground, Donetsk remains the hottest front, between the cities of Bakhmut and Vogledar. In the south, the Ukrainians reported another shelling of Kherson, which reportedly also hit a hospital. It caused at least three deaths. Instead, the pro-Russian authorities reported four casualties following an attack by Kyiv on a bridge in the Melitopol region. In addition to cannons, we fight with penalties. Kyiv targeted 182 Russian and Belarusian companies, as well as three individuals. Also among the sanctioned entities are subsidiaries of two European banks, Unicredit Leasing and Raiffeisen Leasing.

In Russia military training in school
Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense indicated, in its daily intelligence update of the situation in the country, thatMoscow’s decision to submit Basic military training in the high school curriculum “emphasizes the atmosphere of an increasingly militarized wartime Russia, as well as being (perhaps intentionally) an evocation of the Soviet Union: similar training was compulsory in schools until 1993”.

The report says that the session – named Basics of life safety – It will be introduced from next September 1: It will include training in AK-series machine guns and grenades, in addition to military exercises and the use of personal protective equipment. Last December, the Ministry of Science announced a military training program for university students.

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