Galaxy S23 but not only: here are all the One UI 5.1 news

Galaxy S23 but not only: here are all the One UI 5.1 news

-2 days: This represents countdown for the event Unfilled A highly anticipated show Galaxy S23 (Here you will find our vision with everything you need to know).

Although it is practically known All the details some new higher to SamsungThey go out every day Leaking that they reported interesting aspects Or maybe Less advertisingToday, focus on the program part. together with S23 seriesthe Korean house will actually introduce the new home One UI 5.1 Based on Android 13as a minor update, contains a Grandma series. Let’s go and discover them all!

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If in fact One UI 5.0 It marks an important step for Samsung and its devices and, as the numbering suggests, One UI 5.1 more focused on it Small changes and new Careers marginal, in some cases exclusive for some devices. However, there are many interesting points, such as the new one AI reset for the new camera Galaxy S23.

But let’s not waste time and see them all.

  • camera:
    • Changing the temperature of a selfie just got easier. The Effects button on the edge allows you to easily change the color of your selfies
    • Quick access to Expert RAW. application RAW expert It allows you to capture high-quality images without any processing or compression, which allows for more accurate editing later on. It is now easier to access the application from the menu Progressing.
  • Subway:
    • Shared family album. This function remembers a file Shared photo library Launched by Apple with iOS 16.1. As the name suggests, it is a family album that is shared with family members. application Subway Recommends photos to add to the shared family album by recognizing family faces and displays 5 GB storage space For each family member (up to 6 people).
    • Automatic improvements. The Gallery app automatically removes shadows and reflections to enhance photos and even animated GIFs
    • Convenient information screen. When viewing a photo or video, if you swipe up, you can see at a glance when and where the photo was taken, the device, where it was stored and more (this feature also remembers iOS).
    • More powerful search. You can now search for more than one person or object at the same time, even without tagging names but by touching faces
    • Choose a location to save screenshots. You can now save screenshots and screen recordings to a folder of your choice by setting it in advanced features.
  • AR Zone and AR Emoji:
    • Emoji AR now allows you to use 3 emojis. AR Zone is Samsung’s software suite for Convert photos into emojisAnd it now lets you take funny photos and videos of up to three friends by replacing their faces with emojis
    • AR Doodle: New features and improvements. Brushes are now available on the main AR Doodle screen, among our new features are the ability to resize and move drawings after they’ve been created and a new eraser tool to erase even part of a drawing
  • Widgets:
    • New battery widget. With the new battery widget, you can check the battery level of your Galaxy devices such as Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch and other supported devices, directly from the home screen (we find again a function reminiscent of iOS).
    • Intuitive weather widget. The weather widget has been revamped and provides clearer and more immediate information
  • situations and scenarios:
    • Different backgrounds depending on the situation. Ability to set different wallpapers on Lock the screen And on the main screen by activities (iOS?). You can choose a work wallpaper, a sport wallpaper and more by setting different modes.
    • More conditions and procedures for scenarios. When a mode, airplane, or hotspot is activated, you can run scripts to open certain apps, adjust left/right volume balance, and more. New actions now let you control quick sharing and touch sensitivity, as well as change the ringtone and font style.
  • Delivery:
    • Collaboration in Samsung Notes. The ability to create a shared note that multiple people can edit at the same time. You can write a report with your colleagues, take notes for a study group, or draw a picture with a friend. The possibilities are endless (ahem, Freeform didn’t invent anything but can’t help but come to mind).
    • Inviting to shared apps made easy. Now you can easily invite people to shared albums, notes, and calendars with a link that can be sent between apps like messemessagginger, email, and social networks.
    • Multiple advanced controls between Galaxy Book and smartphone. You can now use a Galaxy Book mouse, keyboard, or trackpad not only with your Galaxy tablet, but also with your Galaxy smartphone. You can easily copy and paste text and drag and drop images from one device to another as if it were the same device. Only available on select Galaxy phones, Galaxy Tabs, and Galaxy Book. Works on tablets with One UI 4.1 or later, phones with One UI 5.1 or later, and Galaxy Book series released in 2021 or later with Samsung v1.5 (Intel) or Samsung Settings v3.3 (ARM). Feature availability may vary by device model.
    • Multimedia output for Wi-Fi speakers. If you want to continue listening to music on Wi-Fi speakers via Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in, just open Media Output from the Quick Access Toolbar, not from the Music apps. Wi-Fi Speaker must be pre-configured to connect to Wi-Fi Speaker.
    • Continue browsing on your computer. If you surf the Internet on your smartphone using Samsung Browser and then continue browsing on your computer, you will find the websites you opened on your smartphone and continue to consult them through your computer’s browser. This feature requires a PC with Windows 20H1 or later, Phone Connection and Windows Connection must be updated to the latest version.
  • Samsung DeX:
    • Improved multitasking in DeX. In split screen mode, you can now drag the divider to the center of the screen to resize both windows. You can also dock a window in one corner so that it takes up a quarter of the screen.
  • Settings:
    • Tips about settings. Tips now appear at the top of the Settings screen, letting you know which useful features to try or which settings require your attention so you can enable or try them right away.
  • Samsung Browser:
    • Enhanced search. You can now search by folder name in bookmarks or by group name in tabs. Improved search logic allows you to find what you are looking for, even if something is spelled incorrectly.
  • Setup wizard:
    • Faster and easier initial setup for your new Galaxy device. If you’re switching to a new Galaxy from a Galaxy or other Android device, just scan the QR code on the old device to automatically migrate Wi-Fi networks, your Samsung account, and your Google account to the new device to transfer without typing anything. Only available for Galaxy S23 series and above with BLE technology.
  • weather forecast:
    • Detailed weather information at a glance. Useful weather information is now displayed on the Weather app’s home screen, where you can also check severe weather alerts, daily weather reports, hourly precipitation, and temperature graphs
  • Calls:
    • Bixby text calls. Use Bixby Text Calls to automatically answer calls and see what the call is for. You can see what the caller is saying in a text conversation, and you can tap or type the responses to have the caller read them out loud. Bixby text calls are only available in English and Korean.
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In short, as you can see New features They are not few, as usual samsung, It is likely to be released on short times for supported devices.

We remind you that the new Galaxy S23 With One UI 5.1 It will be presented on February 1 at 19.

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