The secret war waged by Israel and the Sunnis (and the USA) –

The secret war waged by Israel and the Sunnis (and the USA) –
to Guido Olympio

It is difficult to understand what lies behind the unreported attacks on the night of January 28-29: For the regime, the external threat added to the internal threat. Drones are often introduced into the country disjointed, via a thousand tracks

Isfahan work – Attack by drones on an Iranian military baseWhich was held on the night of Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January – it has various repercussions that are reflected in the regional and international framework. Reactions range from the Middle East to Kyiv, where they welcome the explosive night and assert that the war imposes a heavy cost on the perpetrators and accomplices, referring to the Russian-Iranian axis.

Iran has always been in the crosshairs A secret war being waged by Israel, the Sunni monarchies and possibly the United States as well (not surprisingly, Al Arabiya TV sources accuse it). They are direct and indirect attacks. sabotage Target strategic locations, bases and officers.

It is unlikely to be demanded – except by cover signatures – and this allows Tehran to choose the preferred version: it confirms and denies aggression, confirms and reduces it according to the available opportunities. There is always a gray area where not everything is clear.
Anyone can be blamed. In fact, the Arabic radio claims that the operation was carried out by the Americans and another (unspecified) country to destroy a missile depot. the Wall Street JournalHe claims, according to his sources, that the hand of the Jewish state is there. This coincides with the ongoing joint Israeli-American exercises in the Mediterranean, which have been modified with an anti-Iranian key, and the day after the visit of the CIA director, William Burns, to Israel, where he met with the head of the Mossad. Mosaics are easy to compose, legitimate to postulate common passages, and difficult to explain.

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there external threat adds or mixes with it internal.

The ayatollahs have many domestic enemies, opposition groups of different directions. Kurds, Arab minority, nationalist – monarchist, Mujahideen, Baloch. A yard that moves independently but sometimes transforms into a bank. Indeed Mossad has chosen, for a decade now, to work with Iranian operatives. They are already there, and you don’t need to infiltrate them. Talk about well-established factions that draw New life of popular protest.

there regime’s violent repression It brings in recruits, prompts reaction, and creates spaces for dissent that can lead to concrete action. Not even an Azerbaijani corner should be left out. Relations with Azerbaijan are stormy, the embassy of this country in Tehran was subjected to a strange attack by a man who fired a Kalashnikov, killing an official. At the beginning of the month, the Pasdarans announced numerous arrests of spies who were preparing operations in Isfahan: among those arrested were Iranians of Azerbaijani origin. Previously, they were involved – again according to the official version – the Kurds.

the Drones It has already been used to target offices associated with the mullahs’ military program: widespread, fairly easy to use, It is not uncommon for these to be modified civilian models To carry bombs or there are military bombs. Rumor has it that they are quadcopters from the Mars Ascent Vehicle.

We are talking about hidden means, It can be introduced into the country disjointed by thousands of waysby land or sea.

The borders of the Islamic Republic are porous, and the flow of fishing boats and dhows (boats typical of the region) along the Gulf roads is an option for trade like the Kurdistan region. Small planes, of various sizes, are an outstanding weapon for armies and rebel movements.

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Yemen, Syria and Iraq were a testing ground for these regimes, and the Iranians themselves developed some for incursions into the Arabian Peninsula and sold them to Russia, which launched them against the Ukrainian cities. They guarantee the effect of surprise, the pilots operate from safe positions and each shot, with damage, puts the opponent in a difficult position, embarrassing when his integrity is violated.

And in recent years, it has often happened with multiple tactics. bombs, motorcycles jerks, moles, Complex operations like the one that led to the murder of the father of the atomic program, Mohsen Farrakizadehare discarded b Radio controlled machine gun Controlled – they say – via satellite.

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