Goodbye TikTok: they have already banned it with a specific law | Italian users worried about the future and their data

Goodbye TikTok: they have already banned it with a specific law |  Italian users worried about the future and their data
TikTok Banned in Montana –

The diplomatic conflict between Western countries and China, through the TikTok application that was recently banned by an American country, has reached a point of no return, and this is what is happening.

TikTok has been in the center of government attention for several months now, in many countries doubts have arisen about the privacy of users of the Chinese app that could be used for unspecified reasons even by Chinese leaders.

The privacy of social networks has always been a cause for great discussions among the authorities, in fact, in general, the creation of new social networks is a process that arrives much earlier than the relative regulations on the protection of user data, and this has often led to Collection of fines and penalties By Europe, America and many other countries.

the Privacy guarantors They’ve highlighted again and again over time all their social media bewilderment, from those of the Meta team, like Instagram and Facebook, to the most recent TikTok.

The latter app is owned by the Chinese company dance bytes He passed recently 1.2 billion users Active and especially popular during the lockdown period, not only because the application is mainly appreciated by young people but also because its operation, based on an infinite series of short videos selected according to one’s preferences, enables Attract the audience’s attention for several hours.

Why TikTok will be banned from countries

The main concern of governments is regarding the Chinese origin of TikTok, the government of the nation in fact has a possibility Check what kind of information ByteDance holds Which relate specifically to users of the application, which can also include workers of public administrations.

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Inaccessible TikTok – (Source: freepik)

To avoid all sorts of controls on the administrative staff of different states it was so Downloading the application is prohibited, in both America and Europe, despite the reassurances of TikTok spokespeople. For all these reasons Greg Gianforte, Governor of Montana In the US it has banned the app completely.

The measure will be effective from January 1, 2024 And the Google and Apple app stores will directly block Montana users from accessing TikTok, threatening the companies with $10,000 a day fines for delays and uncontrolled downloads. For its part, the Chinese company announced that this decision violated constitutional rights, a position that was also confirmed by many tiktoker professionals.

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