“Self-sabotage”: what happens to Russian tanks

“Self-sabotage”: what happens to Russian tanks

It was a favorable moment for Putin’s army which, after regrouping its men and concentrating its efforts in the Donbass, should have made its way toward what was heralded as a sure victory. But no, because the Russians are facing new difficulties, not only as evidenced by the sinking of two important military ships, in the Black Sea, in the past 24 hours, but because of the actions of sabotage subordinate tanks by part of the same army. This exciting news was revealed by some objections from the Ukrainian Security Service, which published some talk of soldiers intending to disable tanks as well as weapons.

“I don’t run, I refuse”

These are not isolated cases but the stories are the most diverse. For example, in a conversation between fellow soldiers, one of them wants to disable the fuel systems in the tanks by putting sand in to prevent them from starting again. “I don’t follow stupid orders, I just rejection – A Russian soldier will say as it was ProphetYou ruined everything”. When it was discovered that Moscow had never punished the perpetrators of the act, another soldier decided to do the same by “revealing” it to his colleagues in his battalion. In another case, the Ukrainian wiretapping picked up another Putin man telling his family that along with his comrades, they had already disabled the last tank left at their disposal to disobey the Tsar’s orders. “We only had one tank left in the regiment. In short, we broke a file tank In the morning, don’t go“.

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What happens to the Russians?

An army that is about to win the war or everything is going smoothly in it certainly does not commit such acts. What was discovered by the security service in Kyiv highlights, once again, the enormous difficulty in which the Russian soldiers remained for two and a half months, but above all the progress of the war, with results far less than the initial expectations. As we wrote in Giornale.it, there were sensational follies according to which, at the end of March, in order to return home, thousands of Russians will have shoot yourself at legs As evidenced by some of the appalling objections I have posted next, Belarusian opposition media. In this way, they would no longer be able to fight a war often not even wanted by the men themselves, and by this ploy, pretend to be wounded on the battlefield and forced to stop. In short, a negative escalation culminated in the talk of tanks.

The Problems The main factors that Putin’s army has faced thus far have been logistical, organizational, and technological as well as diminishing the resistance of Zelensky’s men. Moreover, many troops would not have interpreted orders the best, to the point that many generals went to the front lines, often losing their lives. On the other hand, these signs of weakness are vital for the Ukrainians who, after a period of logical difficulty and impasse, are also regaining new vigor thanks to the continuous Western aid that is still arriving.

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