Ukraine Russia, latest war news | Medvedev attacks Crocito: “a rare fool.” The response: “I help an attacking nation.”

Ukraine Russia, latest war news |  Medvedev attacks Crocito: “a rare fool.”  The response: “I help an attacking nation.”
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Harb Bulletin Sunday January 29th live. Media: Ukrainians are in trouble in Bakhmut. Schultz: We will do everything to avoid a war between Russia and NATO

• The war in Ukraine today reached 340.
• Media: Kyiv forces are struggling in Bakhmut.
• Medvedev attacks Crocito for Saleh New weapons for Zelensky: crazy. Answer: I am helping a nation under attack.
• Moscow condemns: Ukrainian explosives exploded at a hospital in Lugansk: 14 dead.
• Kyiv would like to acquire 24 modern aircraft, preferably the American F-16.
• The Ukrainian government imposed sanctions on 182 Russian and Belarusian companies.

08:02 – Kyiv imposed sanctions on 182 Russian and Belarusian companies

Ukraine has imposed sanctions on 182 Russian and Belarusian companies, and three people, in the latest in a series of steps by President Volodymyr Zelensky to disrupt Moscow and Minsk’s relations with his country.

Zelensky said in a video that their assets in Ukraine are off limits, and their property will be used to defend us. The sanctioned companies are mainly engaged in the transportation of goods, rental of vehicles and production of chemicals, according to the list issued by the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

05:17 – Kyiv defends Crocito: Medvedev proves the “futility” of dialogue

If it were not for Italy, then, as Pushkin says, “Petersburg would have been a poor city, with a slavish spirit and a pale appearance,” which would not have given the criminals any chance to become presidents of Russia … Medvedev, in his ridiculously provocative manner, finally convinced Europe of the futility of any talks with Russia. So on Twitter, the advisor to the President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolyak, commented on the question and answer today between Moscow and Rome After the words of former Russian President Medvedev, who called Defense Minister Guido Crocito a rare fool, after announcing new military aid to Kiev.

05:09 AM – Schultz: We’re going to do everything we can to avoid war between Russia and NATO

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We will do everything possible. So the German chancellor Olaf Schulz He stressed that his government will do everything possible to prevent an escalation of the war between Russia and NATO member states, after Berlin allowed this week to send Leopard 2 tanks to Kyiv. We did everything we could to prevent the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict from leading to a war between Russia and NATO countries. We will do everything we can to prevent this from happening,” Schulz said at a joint press conference with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, at the San Martín Palace, the headquarters of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On Wednesday, the Berlin government announced that it would hand over 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks, in addition to allowing those owned by the Allies to be sent. In response to reporters, Schulze insisted that this is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which does not prevent Germany or other countries from supporting Kyiv with Humanitarian and financial aid Or by sending weapons. The German chancellor acknowledged that the war in Ukraine was one of the topics covered in talks with Alberto Fernandez, with whom he agrees to respect the rules of international law. For his part, the Argentine President did not want to comment on the decisions taken by other countries, but he said that what I am sure of is that what the Foreign Minister and I want most is to restore peace as soon as possible.

05:02 am – Crosetto responds to Medvedev: If they help like fools, then they are

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If it is “foolish” to help a nation under attack defend its existence, then it is. I’d even do that with the mirrored parts. Medvedev is thinking of putting an end to the war. So is the Minister of Defense Guido Cosito respond to Twitter For the attack on the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

04:58 am – Medvedev to Crosetto: Sending arms to prevent World War III? A rare fool in certain levels

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev attacked the Italian Defense Minister Guido Crocito, for his statements about the need to send weapons to Kyiv. The former Russian president wrote that there are not many fools in the power structures of Europe cable, but a certain Minister of Defense, from a certain Italy, called the supply of armored vehicles and other weapons to Ukraine the prevention of the Third World War. Rare eccentric.

04:52 a.m. – NATO mechanics remotely repair Kyiv weapons and vehicles from southern Poland

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido OlympioThe news, often garbled and shrouded in the fog of war, is a signal Passenger preparations in several directions. Constant pressure on Bakhmutoperations on Southern front to try Protection of the railway supply lines feeding Melitopolcreate nNew trenches/positions tens of kilometers longdiversions to engage the Ukrainians, and increase the rate of artillery fire. Zelensky’s army is also trying to advance in the Kremina area to cut off supply routes. (…]Logistics is the most difficult knot, We reported it in yesterday’s notebook. Article by aNews agency tell how NATO formed a group of technicians at a base in southern Poland Remotely connected to Ukrainian colleagues. Using tablets, secure communications, and other channels, mechanics can provide details about How to keep the pieces provided by the allianceespecially long-wearing guns.

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Read the full military point here.

04:47 – Kyiv: We aspire to 24 modern aircraft, preferably the American F-16 fighter

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said in an interview El Pais according to Kyiv Independent That your country aspires to acquire 24 modern fighters from the Western Allies. The ideal delivery would be via American F-16 aircraftbut in the alternative, Kyiv would also gladly accept the French Rafale or the Swedish Gripen produced by Saab.

04:41 – Media: Ukrainian forces are facing difficulty in Bakhmut

The Ukrainian armed forces are struggling in the battle for control of the strategic city Bakhmut in Donetsk: writes the guardian Quoting Kyiv military sources. According to this source, yesterday, Russia bombed 40 settlements near Bakhmut, a city that was at the center of some of the fiercest battles in recent months. He added that Ukrainian forces are now struggling to control the city, after the Ukrainian army withdrew from the nearby town of Solidar last week. A source said that the Russians destroy anything that can be used as cover. Ukrainian forces do not have enough artillery.

04:35 – Moscow: Ukrainian raid on a hospital in Lugansk, 14 dead

Moscow condemns the Ukrainian attack on a hospital in Donbass which would have caused huge losses. Russia’s Defense Ministry said that HIMARS jets launched by Ukraine hit a hospital in Novoydar, Lugansk, killing 14 and injuring 24. user interface.

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