case in Belgium. The European Union and Great Britain ban flights from South Africa –

The new type of coronavirus has prompted many countries to cut air links with South Africa, but it has already been found in Israel as well (which is one step away from the state of emergency). Head of the UK’s Health Security Agency: This is the most significant alternative that has been seen so far. Today’s emergency meeting of the World Health Organization

The new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – the virus that causes Covid – has alarmed many countries and global health authorities, as well as causing The collapse of stock markets in Asia and new tensions on European markets. Within hours, his presence was recognized not only in South Africa and neighboring countries, but also in Israel (there can be three cases) and in Belgium (at least one).

Why are you worried about the new alternative?

Variant – B.1.1.529 – Features Too many mutations on the spike protein, which is the protein that vaccines work onIt is not yet clear whether these characteristics could give the virus an advantage in terms of more contagious – and of more concern – and in terms of its ability to circumvent the protection offered by vaccines. Maria Van Kerkhove, who leads the World Health Organization’s area dedicated to coronavirus, said it will take a few weeks to understand the impact of this alternative on vaccines. Pfizer-BioNTech has quantified the number of weeks it would take to assess the effect on its vaccine within two weeks. (All information about the variable, from a scientific point of view, is in this article signed by Silvia Touraine).

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Where was the new alternative found?

The new variant has so far been found – in relatively small numbers – in Sudan, Botswana and Hong Kong.

At least one case tracked in Belgium – The first reports in Europe – and some in IsraelAs revealed by the Ministry of Health. The person with the new variant has returned from Malawi; Two other people suspected of being infected are waiting for the final test result. All three participants were vaccinated. (It should be remembered that the vaccine is designed to protect against disease, not infection.) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that Israel is one step away from declaring a state of emergency.

Who banned flights because of the new alternative?

Due to concerns about the prevalence of this new alternative, theEuropean Union European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will propose activating the emergency brake for flights from South Africa. IItalian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza
, on a new law banning entry to Italy for anyone who has been in Italy in the past 14 days Sudan, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said that this alternative worries us. The last thing we want is the problems a new variable might bring.

Moreover Great Britain, France, Austria, Israel and Singapore Similar measures have been enacted. Spain will stop flights from Tuesday. The Japan and theIndia Raised the level of travelers from South Africa. Germany It decided that airlines with flights from South Africa would only be able to fly Germans to Germany and that a 14-day quarantine would apply to everyone, including those who had been vaccinated.

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What do scientists and experts say?

Britain’s health minister explained that the new variant could be more transmissible, could have a different effect on those who become infected, and vaccines may be less effective. He added that it was very likely that the variant had already spread to countries other than those from which flights have been banned, but at the moment no cases have been identified in the UK.

At the moment, according to the indications of South African experts, no symptoms different from the already known variants of the coronavirus have been reported.

According to Jenny Harris, Head of the UK Health Security Agency, Alternative B.1.1.529 The most important thing seen so far. Urgent research is underway to understand all that is needed about its transmissibility, the severity of the disease it causes and the action of vaccines against it, as well as public health measures that can prevent its spread.

Professor James Naismith, a biologist at the University of Oxford, told the BBC that Current vaccines will almost certainly be less effective against this new alternative, but they will still be effective. In short: bad news, not the end of the world. According to Naismith, if the new variant spreads faster than Delta, it would almost certainly reach countries with no-fly zones as well.

WHO officials will meet today and can give the variable a Greek name (which can be called no). As shown here, so far, the competition between the new variants with Delta has won over the latter due to its high portability that no other variant has been able to prove itself.

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