Tensions over Sweden’s accession to NATO – Il Tempo

Tensions over Sweden’s accession to NATO – Il Tempo

Turkey advises against travel to the United States and Europe, apparently in response to similar proposals from Western countries towards the country led by Erdogan. The United States and major European Union countries have already advised their citizens not to participate in mass events or travel to Turkey for tourism. These warnings came amid diplomatic tensions linked to Turkey’s refusal to allow Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

Therefore, the Turkish Foreign Ministry warns that there are “dangerous levels of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe.” It must also be said that Ankara has recently been subjected to anti-Islam protests by a right-wing extremist who was allowed to burn the Quran in front of the Turkish embassies in Stockholm and Copenhagen. On another note, the Diwan of Ankara stated that “there have been recent verbal and physical attacks against foreigners and acts of racism committed throughout the United States.” Tension shows no signs of abating.

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