Galaxy S22, the price has fallen to an all-time low: an overpriced discount

Galaxy S22, the price has fallen to an all-time low: an overpriced discount

When the presentation of a new model approaches, it is only natural that the price of the previous one begins to fall, and even decisively. This is what happens on a Sunday at the end of January with Galaxy S22. A version with a capacity of 256 GB is available, which is the most “heavy” in terms of memory Super promo with a double discount What did you do Save over €250 on list price. the Total discount 30% There is also the possibility of paying it in 12 interest-free installments. Although it has been on the market for a year now, Galaxy S22 It is still a premium smartphone and today is the right opportunity to buy it at a price The price has never been higher.

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From the imaging sector, through the screen to the processor, the Galaxy S22 Don’t be afraid of comparisons with any device in the same price range. In fact, compared to many other smartphones, it also has smaller and more compact dimensions, a feature that we now see less and less on the market, but which is much appreciated by users. We also find an excellent pictorial sector with an extension 50 mega pixel primary camera Which “lights up the night” thanks to the new Nightography technology. In short, a complete device that solves many problems for you.

NB Banner price is incorrect. To find out the exact figure, click on it and open the product page on Amazon, where you will also find the discount coupon

Galaxy S22

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Galaxy S22: Technical sheet

right Now Galaxy S22 We know him well and he doesn’t need much introduction. It’s a smartphone that puts itself into it price range Among the top of the range and premium, it guarantees extremely high performance in any situation.

Each component performs its task in the best possible way, starting with the photographic sector in which Samsung has invested the most. At the back we find a file Triple camera new generation with 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra wide angle lens and a 10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom (a camera that we find more and more rarely on a smartphone nowadays, but which is actually very useful). there The front camera is 10 mega pixel camera. Among the innovations introduced by Samsung is the Nightography technology, which allows you to take high-resolution photos and videos even when the sun goes down and there is little light. On the other hand, Space Zoom mode allows you to take specific photos by zooming in up to a maximum of 30x.

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The screen is great too Galaxy S22 We find a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen (very small size) with FHD resolution and up to 120Hz refresh rate. Vision Booster technology allows you to see the screen clearly even in bright sunlight. Under the body is the Exynos 2200 processor Manufactured directly by Samsung, it is backed by 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory.

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consumption the battery It’s optimized and you’ll get to the end of the day without too much trouble. In times of need, it is possible to take advantage of the super fast charging of up to 45W.

Galaxy S22 on Amazon: price and discount

An unprecedented show First Galaxy S22 In the 256 GB version. Today we find it with a file Double discount: besides that already Excellent by 23% present on the page, an additional one is available €60.85 voucher which leads to a decrease The exact price is 650 euros. If so Total discount up to 30% And you will save almost 300 euros on the list price. There is also the option to pay in installments without interest: 12 installments of €54.17 per month. Availability is immediate and delivery takes place within a few days. We advise you to take advantage of them immediately, the number of coupons is limited and the offer can end immediately.

Galaxy S22 - Purple

Galaxy S22 - Black

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