Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | Use sending weapons for direct combat. Kyiv is preparing to attack Kherson?

Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war |  Use sending weapons for direct combat.  Kyiv is preparing to attack Kherson?
From Lorenzo Cremonese, Marta Serafini and Paolo Fosci

The news of Tuesday, August 23, live. Today’s UN Security Council meeting on the risks facing the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant

• The war came in Ukraine Today 181.
• According to Russian 007, the person responsible for the murder of Daria Dogina will be one Ukrainian woman fled to Estonia.
• Meanwhile, Putin signed a decree to posthumously award the Order of Courage to the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin.
• Kyiv denies any responsibility in view of the fact that the Dugin family is not part of the active organizers and managers of the war.
• Today’s extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council on the nuclear power plant warning in Zaporizhia.

08:54 – Russia has lost 45,000 soldiers since the start of the war

Russia has lost about 45,550 soldiers in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion of the country. This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Ukrinform reports citing figures from Kyiv, the total losses suffered by the Russians also include 1921 tanks, 4238 armored combat vehicles, 1033 artillery systems, 266 multiple launch missile systems, 146 anti-aircraft systems, 234 aircraft, 198 helicopters and 3150. Vehicles, fuel tanks, 15 warships, 817 drones, 99 units of special equipment

08:41 – Kyiv: 17 Russian soldiers were killed in the south of the country

Ukraine’s air force operating on the country’s southern front bombed a Russian base overnight, killing 17 soldiers. Ukrinform reports that. The Ukrainian portal adds that the occupation forces also lost an anti-aircraft missile system, an artillery unit, five trucks, armored vehicles and an ammunition depot in Kakhovka, Kherson state.

08:19 – Save the Children: 942 children have died since the beginning of the war

From the invasion on February 24 to August 10, at least 942 children were killed or injured in Ukraine, an average of five per day: 356 children lost their lives, and 586 were wounded. These are Save the Children estimates. At least 16% of them were under the age of five when the war broke out. According to the United Nations, the total number of victims is likely to be much higher than what is currently confirmed. Most child casualties are associated with the use of explosive weapons in populated urban areas.

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07:36 AM – Kuleba: Only Hungary and Ukraine did not provide us with weapons

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, in an interview with a Ukrainian newspaper, confirmed that all EU countries, with the exception of Austria-Hungary, supplied Kyiv with weapons after the invasion. He said that with the exception of Hungary and Austria, as a neutral country, the supply of arms to Ukraine is not a tab for any European country, despite the fact that it was previously so. The minister added that the political discussions of Western countries about when and what to supply arms cost Ukraine daily losses on the front.

06:21 – The gas crisis and the role of China and India

(Federico Rambini) Announcementwhere are you
On the discovery of gas off the coast of Cyprus Positive but does not solve Italy’s energy problems in the short term: to transport this gas it is necessary to build Eastmed pipeline Which will not be completed for four years, according to Eni’s own management. Meanwhile, gas hyperinflation e . rages The danger that Europe misses in this dangerous fall and winter. like Alberto Cl over here The German government estimates that consumption should be reduced by at least 20%, much higher than the 15% reduction (for many countries reduced to 7%) indicated by the Brussels Commission. One of the factors behind it More price hikes Germany’s frantic search for an alternative gas to Russia to cover consumption and increase storage. Solo Energy shock in progress There is a lot of confusion and misinformation. Among the cliches that prevent us from understanding what is happening to us, there are two in particular that are misleading and outdated. One attributes the crisis to the war in Ukraine and sanctions. Another demonizes multinational corporations in Western oil and gas. Let’s see why these preconceptions should be cleaned up.

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05:54 – The woman accused of Dugina’s death: What the Russians say

(Guido Olympio) Moscow announces its solution in record timeThe murder of Daria Dugina He accuses – again – of the Kyiv intelligence. Thesis – taken for granted – which can lead to disastrous consequences. For the investigators to act would have been Natalia Pavlovna Vovk, Ukrainian. The FSB states that the woman, Associated with the Azov BattalionShe will be arriving in the country in July with her 12-year-old daughter and will keep an eye on Dougina’s habits. The base of his house was a rented apartment. make attack Flee to Estonia. A long journey is part of a complex and well-planned process. At least that’s what they repeat from Russia. We will see in the next few hours if the file will be enriched with information, to be evaluated and verified. Services are currently traded Video showing the main suspect When he enters the country by car and when leaving with relative checks, he exchanges plates of his pickup (Kazakh instead of Ukrainian), a piece in front of a building.

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05:50 – Who killed Daria, the daughter of Dugin, in Moscow?

(Guido Olympio) Every conflict has its dark side, its mysteries, and its triple truths
The murder of Daria Dugina It’s part of a scenario where everything is valid. Meanwhile, there is history. Killings and ambushes have become a constant in the confrontation between the two peoples since the Cold War. With nationalists out there killing with poison and parachute raiders behind the lines on missions with little chance of survival. There is room for covert activities but also for internal hostilities and provocations. The first can serve as a screen for the rest. Instead, Ilya Ponomariev, a former deputy of the State Duma, a critic of the Kremlin and an emperor in Kyiv, pointed to the impact of a Russian anti-Putin group, the National Republican Army. “Other moves will follow,” he says. The hypothesis that needs feedback, like the other hypothesis.

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05:48 – United States of America: Russia will intensify its attacks in the coming days

The State Department has information that Russia may escalate its attacks on Ukraine’s civilian and government infrastructure in the coming days. This was stated by the US Embassy in Kyiv, stressing that Russian attacks in Ukraine continue to pose a threat to civilians and civilian infrastructure.

05:48 – The United States sends weapons of close combat to Kyiv

The Pentagon is sending new weapons and equipment to Ukraine for close combat. The Washington Post revealed this, explaining that Ukrainian officials had openly discussed an offensive against the strategic port city of Kherson, which is controlled by Russia, but that there was little evidence on the front line that Kyiv was ready to carry out an operation that would require large numbers. . of troops, powerful armored vehicles and weapons to outrun the numerically superior Russian army. The latest package appears as a first step in addressing some of the arms shortfalls that Ukrainian forces might need to launch a counterattack. The new offering includes mine-resistant armored vehicles, fast-moving light howitzers, recoilless rifles with a range of a few hundred meters, and rocket launchers limited to less than three miles.

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05:37 – The UN Security Council today on the Zaporizhzhya power plant

The United Nations Security Council will meet urgently on August 23 to discuss the situation in Ukrainian nuclear power plant ZaporizhzhiaIt was occupied by Russian forces and has recently been the target of numerous military attacks. The meeting was held at the request of Russia, which requested the participation of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who last week addressed the issue of the plant during a visit to Ukraine during which he met, among others, the head of state, Volodymyr Zelensky.

05:36 – European Union evaluates training of Kyiv forces, Moscow angered

The European Union’s foreign policy coordinator, Josep Borrell, announced that the European Union will discuss the launch of a major training operation for Ukrainian forces in neighboring countries. Speaking at a press conference in Santander, northern Spain, Borrell said the proposal would be discussed at the informal meeting of EU defense ministers that kicks off on Monday in Prague. “I hope it will be approved,” he added. Borrell’s words immediately provoked a Moscow reaction. Things should be said as they are: the European Union will set up training camps for terrorists and Nazi militants in the Kyiv regime, shocked Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova via Telegram. Even 100 years ago, Europeans did not immediately understand what fascism is. Then they understood but it was too late, the speaker concluded.

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