Ukraine, Moscow: two dead in Russia’s Bryansk region – the world

Ukraine, Moscow: two dead in Russia’s Bryansk region – the world

The official TASS news agency quoted the governor of the Bryansk region in Russia as saying that two people were killed in the aftermath of the bombing of the village of Suzymka by Ukrainian armed forces. On his Telegram profile, Bogomez explained that an apartment building was completely destroyed and two other homes were severely damaged. There is also one wounded. Bryansk Oblast is located in the far west of Russia, bordering Ukraine’s Sumy and Chernihiv regions to the south.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Interior announced the completion of the search and rescue operation in Uman. “As a result of the Russian attack on the palace, 23 people died: 22 (deceased) were pulled out from under the rubble, and one more person died in the hospital. Among the dead were six children: three boys (one and a half years old) 16 and 17 years old), the ministry said on Telegram. and three females (8, 11 and 14 years old),” she said, noting that all the bodies have been identified. “Rescuers, policemen and volunteers managed to rescue 17 people from under the rubble.” Moreover, “nine people were injured as a result of the attack.”

Minister Igor Klimenko commented, “My sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased. We will punish this evil. We will not allow it to grow. We will certainly rise again and win.”

There is a realistic possibility that the Russian missile attack on Uman was an attempt to intercept reserve units and military supplies
Ukrainians. The British Ministry of Defense claimed this on Twitter in its regular update based on intelligence reports. The Defense Ministry said Moscow launched “the first major wave of cruise missile attacks against Ukraine since early March 2023”. The bombings carried out by Moscow show a change in tactics on the part of Russia, after the intense raids it targeted
Ukrainian energy infrastructure during the winter.

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And a fuel tank caught fire in the city of SevastopolAnd In Crimea after a possible drone attack last night. This was announced by the governor of the annexed province to Russia, Mikhail Razvogayev, according to which the fire spread to an area of ​​\u200b\u200bone thousand square meters. Pictures and videos of what appears to be the entire oil depot on fire and a huge black cloud of smoke over the city began circulating on social media. Razvogayev’s spokesman later indicated that the fire did not pose a danger to civilian structures in the Black Sea city as it only affected the port buildings. Then the governor of Sevastopol said that no one was injured in the accident and the evacuation of residents of nearby neighborhoods was not planned either. As many as 18 firefighting teams are currently working to put out the fire.

He added, “An explosion took place in the city of Sevastopol on April 29, which is God’s punishment, especially for the civilians who were killed in Amman, including five children. This punishment will continue.” This is the comment of Andrei Yusov, a spokesman for the intelligence of the US Department of Defense
Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. He added, “All residents of the temporarily occupied Crimea are advised not to be near military facilities for the foreseeable future.” The official said the explosion destroyed more than 10 oil product tanks destined for the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, Wagner’s boss, Yevgeny PrigozhinAnd He said that the Ukrainian military was ready to launch a counterattack by May 15. “The Ukrainian army is ready for a counterattack. It was hampered by bad weather and maybe some internal problems that it had to solve,” Prigozhin said. “Maybe they will give us some rest on May 9, but the attack will start 100% before May 15,” he concluded.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Western partners to make a decision to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters, stressing that the lack of modern aircraft would not affect the start of the counterattack: “Frankly, it would be very useful (we have F-16s). We know that we will not be too late, so we will start the counterattack even before we have the F-16s or other aircraft. We will start and we will continue. He stated this in an interview with representatives of the Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian media, as reported by Ukrinform.

Zelensky said that the counter-offensive that the Ukrainian army is planning to liberate the territories occupied by Russia also includes the liberation of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. “We want to save as many lives as possible, so the number of weapons is important,” he said. According to Zelensky, the Russian forces are losing motivation every day and at the same time fearing the consequences of their withdrawal.

While Zelensky refused to reveal any details or timeline of the counterattack, he believes it was planned late spring or early summer. Despite his hopes of success, he also warned that the war could drag on for years or even decades. “It is more appropriate for other countries to support Ukraine now than to increase the risk of a third world war,” Zelensky said in the interview.

For his part, Prigozhin stated this “Wagner may soon cease to exist,” said a video posted on Telegram by Russian war blogger Semyon Pegov and picked up by several international media outlets. During the war in Ukraine, Prigozhin has repeatedly criticized the way Moscow conducts military operations, accusing the Russian army commanders of treachery for lack of support for his men, and is currently leading the campaign of conquest of Bakhmut. It was not clear how serious Prigozhin’s talk was, and Wagner did not comment at this time.

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Prigozhin said: “At the moment, we are reaching the point where Wagner will cease to exist. And it will happen soon. We will become history, but I don’t worry about that, these are things that can happen.” . Russian war blogger Pegov later posted the clip to his Telegram channel. Prigozhin, known for his combative style and sense of cynicism, said on Thursday he was joking when he said his forces would stop shelling Bakhmut to allow Ukrainian forces to show the city to visiting American journalists.

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