To celebrate the scudetto a piece of the United States in Naples and one of Naples in New York

To celebrate the scudetto a piece of the United States in Naples and one of Naples in New York

Blue Passion “floods” even us. outdoor ceremonies

The third Naples Championship is increasingly an international event. While the city is one step away from the magical day that after more than thirty years will bring the tricolor to Partenope and all of southern Italy, the blue passion overwhelms many people in Europe and the United States and not only the Neapolitans. The foreign press devotes a lot of space to the victory of Napoli in the tricolor: from the BBC to English newspapers, to broadcasters and newspapers in Canada and the United States as well as Australia.

There are also institutions. The Consulate General of the United States, based in Naples, posted on its official Facebook page the facade of the diplomatic residence with blue and tricolor ribbons and the self-explanatory caption: “We are ready.”Club Naples New York RTA Live

Blue companies will follow with special trepidation and expectation also in New York, where a series of celebrations are being organized, and the heart of Naples will also beat in the Big Apple. Rosario Procino, founder of Club Napoli NYC, ensures that everyone and many are ready to celebrate their third championship.

The club, which has 700 members and is located in the restaurant.FacesIn which he is a partner, he often meets at the venue, turning for the occasion into an “extra” corner in the “Maradona” stadium. It will be necessary to wear a Napoli scarf and shirt during the match, led by Rosario Brosino, “Ultra coach.” Although the hour will be eight in the morning In New York, however, tomorrow there will be plenty across the Big Apple to follow in Naples-Salernitana.Limelight-club-naples-ny-RTAlive

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on the official page Facebook Clubis reading:
“Strong men, strong destinies. Weak men, weak destinies. Finally it’s our time!!!

We have been waiting for this moment for 33 years, 10 of them together here in New York!!! Some of us have been here since Napoli Club NYC was set up in the summer of 2013. Same here as before, some left and many more arrived over the years. How many evenings together, just to have a beer or to set up a banner, how many times did we get up at 6 am to watch a game, how many hugs, how many songs, dances, celebrations and yes also how many times did we have a damn!!!Supporters-ribalta-club-napoli-New York-RTAlive

Always together. Always together waiting for a moment like this to come. Always here to represent Napoli in New York. It’s almost our time. Let’s gather on Sunday to watch the Napoli-Salernitana match, which could be the match. The game we’ve been waiting for 33 years. Let’s all unite. Wear the Napoli shirt. Bring your flag. Get ready to sing together for Naples. We look forward to seeing you at Napoli Club NYC.Naples-Maradona-Stadion-RTA Live

Doors will open at 8:00 Forza Napoli We are always in Napoli in New York!!! A series of initiatives are planned until June to celebrate Napoli’s third championship.
New York reporter Rosa Coppola

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