“We ended up hitting 95% of our proposals.”

“We ended up hitting 95% of our proposals.”

Eva Sansa He is presented as a candidate for the position of Chief Consul Participated citizens + democrats + independents. He takes over from Olga Mulney, and in this election, they’re not the only ones.

How did you feel when you took over from Olga Molney?
For me it is an honor. I think I was very lucky during these four years that we always worked together and were always side by side. She allowed me to participate in everything and what she did was that I now had a lot of knowledge, having led the Commune with her jointly and in parallel.

In this election, you are not alone, like previous elections. Do you think citizens need to be able to choose between Ambassador Seni and you?
Democratically, it is better to get the necessary nominations. I believe that citizens can choose, which is a very positive thing. The last elections were not able to achieve this, but this time yes, and the voter must choose.

What measures do you suggest after the traffic diversion becomes a reality?
What we have to create is a project to beautify and revitalize downtown La Massana. We believe that with regard to the urban park, improvements must be made, because we expect that with the conversion we will gain safety and environmental quality. Like it or not, the traffic in La Massana is enormous and there is a lot of pollution, studies have been done more than once and it seems that it is one of the most polluted points in the whole country, and therefore there is a ‘before and after the Massana that we have now with the diversion.’ The project will tell us. We will try to create a pedestrian area, a rest area or a green area; to have safety with pedestrian crossings, in general the project should be initiated and to make Massana more friendly. Always rely on the merchants of La Massana and listen to their needs, as this can certainly be an issue of parking.

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What concerns you about water and what solutions do you want to put into it?
Regarding water, I think we’ve been very careful. We hired a company to draw a road map of all the actions we had to do regarding the water network, because more than 20 years ago it was not possible to make a significant investment in it, due to lack of financial resources. The ski slope was somewhat of a drag on community finances and this financial health was exacerbated by the pandemic because we had to make a contribution of €3.5 million. After that, we did not contribute money to the plant for two years, and this allows us to invest in the water network or, for example, in Santa Catalina Park.

What can you do in the next four years that will slow the excessive growth of housing in the parish?
From the House of Commons, particularly on the issue of affordable rental rates, we have already been working on it. We have two buildings and during the mandate period we were talking with private investors who were interested in acquiring them and we were about to put them out for tender, but in the end we talked with the government, we became sensitive, and we signed an agreement with them in which we stipulated that 5% of the apartments in Ruba Sol be allocated to social housing. , 10% to free youth – because this is also a current problem – and allocate the other 85% to affordable apartments. The good news is that all plans for Riba-sol are in place and it can accommodate 70 families. The other measure is to talk to the government and see if we can transfer some land so that we can promote affordable apartments. We also offer bonuses and assistance to those who want to carry out construction at an affordable price.

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What we find very important is providing data to the government so that it can create a housing “profile” and get clear prices and people’s needs so that it can develop policies adapted to the current situation. What is clear to us from the House of Commons and from the nomination of Committed Citizens + Democrats + Independents is that we do not want our people, the people who make our parish grow, to have to leave because of a lack of housing.

Guillem Forney stresses that Massana needs to evolve. Where do you say the parish needs to develop? What path should Masana take?
Masana has changed a little. One of Mr.’s workers. Fournier is an urban planning issue, but I think a lot of work has been done over all these years. We have a very dynamic diocese, a diocese with a ski resort and we must continue to promote Massana. Urban planning is something that concerns us all, and we will not say otherwise. We are a very attractive parish, and if people come to live it is because they have found something that can be different from other parishes. La Massana has a lot of residential areas, where the housing is closer to the “villa” type and it is true that this area has developed a lot. The thing is that the current POUP is what was predicted, because when the permits were requested they were granted, because it is what was predicted. The truth is that it was accelerated very sharply and in a very short time, but the truth is that in 2016 POUP was changed because there was a construction crisis. In 2019, when we entered Comú with Forné, we included in the program that we wanted to promote passive housing and now we didn’t even think about that. The urban boom happened last 2021 and 2022. We hope that the government will also find solutions to all this, because I understand that Andorra is a very attractive country.

In common, we need pregnancy studies to know where we are headed. We need to know what traffic we can accommodate, people, floors, etc. Then we will review POUP.

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Finally, what would you say to the audience to convince them, those who haven’t read the show yet or those who haven’t made up their mind yet?
First I would tell them to go vote. After that, we have governed for 12 years, and I think the work that has been done should be appreciated. I believe that we have achieved stability in Masana and that we have created very important bases for starting projects. We want to convey stability and continuity through realistic, but at the same time ambitious, projects. With our electoral program, we have a series of proposals, and when we analyze them, we ultimately reach between 95-96% of our proposals.

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