The President of Artsakh cancels the dissolution of the republic scheduled for January 1

The President of Artsakh cancels the dissolution of the republic scheduled for January 1

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President of the self-declared Republic of Artsakh, Samvel ShahramanianToday, it canceled the dissolution of the region scheduled for next January 1, 2024, considering that there are no legal documents that stipulate, within the framework of Artsakh legislation, such a procedure. “Within the Artsakh legislation, there is no document that contemplates the dissolution of government institutions,” he explained regarding the declaration issued last September by which control over the territory for more than three decades was ended. The Artsakh Presidency then informed of the “dissolution of all state institutions and affiliated organizations as of January 1, 2024”, as it considered that the Republic of Artsakh would cease to exist.

He also stressed that the decision at that time took into account the agreement reached with Azerbaijan, with the intervention of Russian peacekeepers, which included unrestricted freedom of movement for the population of Artsakh, including the military personnel who surrendered their weapons. However, a large part of the main leaders of the self-proclaimed republic were later arrested and transferred to Azerbaijan and the population was forced into exodus to Armenia, in which the region went from one hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants to a small population. tens.

Now, Yerevan's Shahramanyan has declared the September declaration “invalid” and that “no document can contradict what was established based on the will of the people.” The President of the Republic of Artsakh met today with the heads of regional bodies as well as the mayor of the capital, Stepanakert, who continue to exercise the position of Armenia. The meeting discussed the problems of the people of Artsakh after forced displacement, and agreed on the need to continue working on them during the coming year.

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Artsakh is a region of about four thousand four hundred square kilometers in the South Caucasus, historically with a majority Armenian population, but internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, which this year, in a military offensive, seized control of the territory.

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