Ukraine, live coverage – UK: Russian paratroopers return to Donetsk and Luhansk. Moscow: We will not supply oil and gas to those who adhere to the price ceiling

Ukraine, live coverage – UK: Russian paratroopers return to Donetsk and Luhansk.  Moscow: We will not supply oil and gas to those who adhere to the price ceiling

Russia will not supply oil and gas to those who adhere to the price ceiling

On instructions from President Vladimir Putin, Russia will no longer supply oil and gas to countries that join the price cap. The Kremlin announced this, cited by TASS.

Kyiv: “a tangible danger of a nuclear and radioactive catastrophe”

“The regulations for nuclear power plants, which are equipped with reliable safety systems, provide for automatic disconnection from the electricity network (if needed, ed.). However, this should not be reassuring: there is a real risk of a nuclear and radioactive disaster as a result of bombing and there is a great risk of Damage to nuclear power plants, ”says Petro Kotin, head of the Energoatom operator, after which emergency protection was activated yesterday at Ukrainian nuclear power plants. UNIAN brings it back. Kotin noted that the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant temporarily occupied by Russia “has been idle since September this year, and has entered a complete blackout mode with the start of all diesel generators, thus, for the first time in 40 years of the history of the Ukrainian nuclear industry, all of them are nuclear. power plants”.

Poland: “Germany sends Patriot missiles to Ukraine instead of us”

Poland gives up the Patriot anti-missile system that Germany offered it a few days earlier, and Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak proposes to Berlin that it be sent to Ukraine instead. This was reported by the Polish agency Pap, explaining that after the fall of the Russian-made missile in Przewodow in eastern Poland, which occurred last November 15, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht proposed providing support to Poland to strengthen the defense of the eastern border (which is also the border of the entire European Union) with Patriot aircraft Eurofighter fighter. The proposal was initially greeted “with satisfaction” by Blaszczak and the Polish head of state, Andrzej Duda, who defined the proposal as “an important gesture by an allied country”. Yesterday, Blaszczak himself, after the recent missile attacks on Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities, suggested that the German side deliver Patriot batteries to Ukraine. Pap also cites recent statements by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the ruling party, who is reluctant to send German missiles to Poland. During recent pre-election meetings, Kaczynski repeatedly criticized Germany for various reasons. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, German Patriot batteries have already been in Slovakia and their stay in this country has recently been extended for the whole of 2023.

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Moscow: “We didn’t attack Kyiv yesterday, it was Ukrainian missiles”

The Russian forces did not launch any attacks on Kyiv yesterday, and the damage “caused by the fall of Ukrainian missiles” from the defense system. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Moscow, citing TASS.

Russia: IAEA knows who bombed Zaporozhye but can’t say “

The IAEA envoys who are at the Zaporozhye plant “know very well where the explosions come from,” that is, from the Ukrainian side, but Director General Rafael Grossi cannot know the limits of his mandate. This was stated by Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations based in Vienna, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency. “It’s time, – said Ulyanov in an interview with RIA Novosti, – to call a spade a spade. There are four IAEA representatives at the station and they know very well where the fire came from. But the Director General has so far avoided making explicit statements, probably due to the lack of jobs (from this kind) in his state.”

Russia: thwarting an attack on the Ukrainian gas pipeline on Turkey

Russia’s internal security services (FSB) said they had thwarted Ukraine’s attempt to carry out a “terrorist sabotage act” against a gas pipeline in Russia’s Volgograd region that feeds the flow to Turkey and Europe. Tass noted that the attack was prepared by the Kyiv special services and was to be carried out with explosive devices. Some Russian citizens involved in the plan were allegedly arrested.

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Hungary sends 187 million euros in financial aid to Kyiv

Hungary will provide 187 million euros in financial aid to Ukraine as a contribution to an EU support package expected to be worth 18 billion euros in 2023, according to a government decree, according to The Guardian. The decree states that “the government remains committed to participating in the financial support of war-torn Ukraine: 18 billion euros will be given to Ukraine.”

United Kingdom: Russian paratroopers return to Donetsk and Luhansk

In the past two weeks, Russia may have redeployed along the Donetsk and Luhansk fronts the Donbass units of the Airborne Forces that were used in September and October to defend occupied territories on the west bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region: writes the British Ministry of Defense in its daily intelligence update on the situation in the country . The report, posted on Twitter, notes that these units are “severely weakened” and some may have been reinforced with the help of reservists. Among the possible operational tasks of these paratroopers, the intelligence concluded that there are support activities for the lines of defense in the Kreminna-Svatove region of Lugansk or the attack on the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

Kyiv: “By the evening we will reactivate three nuclear power plants”

Ukraine expects three nuclear power plants shut down by yesterday’s Russian missile attacks to be back up and running by this evening: German Energy Minister Galushenko said, according to The Guardian. “We expect the nuclear power plants to start operating by evening to supply the grid with energy, and this will significantly reduce the energy deficit,” he said on state television.

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70% of Kyiv’s population is still without electricity

The water supply has been restored on the left bank of Kyiv and partially on the right bank, while 70% of the capital’s population is still without electricity this morning: this was announced by the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda. Klitschko said that technicians “worked all night to return life support to the capital. The water supply has already been restored on the left bank of the city. On the right bank, we expect it to be restored in the first half of the day. 70% of the capital is still without electricity.” That energy companies are doing their best to restore electricity as quickly as possible, but this will depend on restoring balance in the country’s energy system.

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