Ukrainian war Zelensky in the US Congress: “We have been living on September 11 for three weeks”

Ukrainian war Zelensky in the US Congress: “We have been living on September 11 for three weeks”

“We’ve been living on September 11 for three weeks now.” Thus, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the US Congress via video link and renewed his calls for more help and a tougher stance against Russia. In his speech, Zelensky again called for a no-fly zone and urged the United States to facilitate the transportation of combat aircraft. The speech was given a standing ovation before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “Ukrainian Slava! (Glory to Ukraine)!” (News in real timeThe private).

The very graciousness

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“Thank you very much, speakers and members of Congress, Americans and friends – said Zelensky – I am happy to greet you from the capital of my country, Kyiv, which is under Russian bombardment. But we do not give up, we never thought to throw in the towel. Our country is in the worst war since World War II. The fate of our country It is now decided: Will the Ukrainians be liberated? Will we be able to defend democracy? Russia has attacked not only Ukraine, but our values, our freedom, our national dream which is the same as what you have in the United States. We only want what you have: the ability to choose our lives. Zelesinki said ” We need you.”

Zelensky: “We need a no-fly zone”

The Ukrainian president said: “Remember Pearl Harbor, September 11, 2001. Our country has been living on September 11 for three weeks. Karkhiv, Mariupol, Kyiv are all under Russian attack and thousands of people have witnessed death. The Russians have already fired more than a thousand missiles at Ukraine. It is To a horror that Europe has not yet seen and has not seen in 80 years,” continues Zelensky. Then the Ukrainian president spoke about one of the main points of his requests, a no-fly zone over Ukraine: “This is why we are asking for a response from the whole world. Is it too much to ask for a no-fly zone over Ukraine? We want a humanitarian no-fly zone. You know the defense system we need. We can use planes to protect Ukraine as well as Europe. You have these planes, but you don’t fly them into our skies to protect our citizens. You say “I have a dream”, I can tell you “I have a need” to protect our needs, Zelensky said, citing Martin Luther. King.

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‘A new alliance is needed for peace’

Then Zelensky spoke of the need for new institutions to protect world peace. The past has taught us to create institutions to protect ourselves from war, but unfortunately they don’t always work. We need new institutes and new alliances. “We propose the creation of “United for Peace”, a union of responsible nations that have the strength and awareness of the desire to stop conflicts immediately, to provide all necessary assistance within 24 hours, even weapons if necessary, sanctions, but certainly political and humanitarian support. We must stop The aggressors who want to subjugate our nations.

The United States imposes sanctions on all Russian politicians

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“Ukraine is grateful to the United States for the amazing support you have given the people in terms of arms, sanctions and aid. I am grateful to President Biden for his personal engagement. But in the darkest period of our country I am asking you to do more.” Zelensky points out new sanctions and new restrictions. “The United States should punish all Russian politicians, all members of the Duma, all Russian officials who do not have the strength to get away from this invasion,” Zelensky said, and demanded that American companies “leave Russia immediately. I ask you not to leave Russia immediately. . to get One cent for Russia: peace is much more important than income, we must defend this principle all over the world, ”he said. “We must do more, and devise new tools to stop the invasion that began on February 24.”

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“Biden, world leader and peace”

Zelensky showed a video of Ukraine under the bombs. Then the Ukrainian president addressed the US president directly: “Being Biden a world leader means being a leader of peace.” Then he addressed the Americans in English. “Today you are not only helping us, you are helping us all of Europe and the whole world to be free. We also fight for your values.”

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