Bonus fixtures 2023: what it is and how it works

Bonus fixtures 2023: what it is and how it works

The combinations bonus for 2023 is also confirmed as it relates to the interventions envisaged by the ecobonus, super bonus, and restructuring bonus, which have been extended for next year. Let’s see what it is.

The Match rewards It will also be available next year. The action provides benefits to those who purchase, install or replace old fixtures with new products Improve energy efficiency dwelling.

You can take advantage of the bonus in three different ways, namely through Reward L’ecobonus and the rewards renewal. Let’s see the differences together.

Additional combinations with ecobonus

Empty door interior living room backgroundIn order to take advantage of the discount offered byecobonusit is necessary that the replaced or modified parts specify a heated volume towards the outside or towards unheated rooms and ensure a thermal conductivity value less than or equal to the limit specified for the climatic ranges of the different regions.

Jobs allow you to get a 50% tax deduction to The maximum spending is 60,000 euros per property (alternatively, a discount can be applied to the bill, or a tax credit can be transferred).

Bonus matches with Superbonus

Simple window with white curtainReplacing fixtures can also be part of Big bonus Because it is a paid intervention: the replacement of windows and doors must be configured as a replacement for existing components or their parts and not as a new installation. Moreover, it is necessary to increase at least two energy classes.

Careers withdraw it It must be done in combination with interventions Leadership Acknowledged in the excellent reward. In particular, the expenses incurred for towing interventions in the individual apartment must be paid in the time period specified by the start date and completion date of the works for the towing interventions.

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Additional fixtures with renovation

Empty living room interior design with white curtain windowWith a restructuring bonus, a 50% tax deduction Of the total expenses incurred, up to a maximum of 96 thousand euros. The discount is paid in ten annual instalments, of the same amount and the subject matter of the house must be under renovation: restoration or extraordinary maintenance interventions are permitted.

Among the approved interventions is also the replacement of windows, French doors, blinds and blinds, provided that the new fixtures are equipped with an opening Different types of materials, dimensions or structure compared to those pre-installed in the building.

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