Canadian climber dies in Nepal

(Kathmandu) A Canadian climber has died while climbing Mount Manaslu in Nepal, the world’s eighth highest peak, travel organizers said on Thursday.

This is the first death of the autumn.

About 200 climbers are trying to reach the top of this Nepalese mountain, which peaks at 8163 meters.

Brent Seal, 37, a mountaineer, crossed Camp 4 at 7,450 meters when he died Wednesday.

His body was taken to Kathmandu. He is thought to have suffered a heart attack, “said Raj Bandari, pastor of Snowy Horizon Trex and Expedition.

Autumn trips to the Himalayas are less frequent because the days are shorter and colder than spring, which is a very exciting time.

Nepal has issued 253 permits for seven peaks – almost a third of all permits issued in the spring – but none for the world’s tallest peak, Everest.

More than 700 foreign climbers rushed to the mountains of Nepal in the spring, including Everest 408, after the season was canceled in 2020 due to a corona virus outbreak.

But this season was further affected by the new wave of Govt-19 pollution that hit the base camps in the Himalayas.

Nepal has eight of the 14 highest peaks in the world and foreign mountaineers who come to its mountains are the country’s main source of income.

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