The farmers' revolution threatens to extend road closures until Friday

A new day of protest by Catalan peasants Keep cutting it Main roads The country this Wednesday to make their voices heard again.

Farmers concentrated a l'AP-7 I'N-2 In Alt Empordà and LAB-2 I No-2 In Ponent they announced it They will be holding the sale until Thursday Waiting for the government to commit to concrete measures.

The same applies to the farmers of Ripolis, who blocked the road C-38 In the Ares Corridor, which connects the districts of Repulse and Valesper.

In addition, if requests related to imports, bureaucracy or water management are not met They are considering extending the protests until Friday.

Girona farmers demand a meeting on Wednesday with the Minister of Climate Action David MascourtNext Wednesday, he threatens to “raise the tone” if that does not happen. They want me to go to court and listen to their demands.

Farmers and ranchers from northern Catalonia also joined the protest They are expected to join AP-7 at noon.

The meeting will be held in PontusThis is the point where the two roads intersect since midnight on Tuesday, and it has also been added to it Representatives of the Terres de l'Ebre and Camp de Tarragona sectors.

The will isTo prove to Brussels that the problem crosses borders “There is a need for a collective revolution,” as Bagisa, a member of the revolution and spokesman for the Peasants’ Union, confirmed. Jordi Ginibrida.

Walking tractors for the AP-7 (ACN/Gemma Tubert/Gerard Vilà)

In GironaN-2 Between Bhaskara and VilamalaN-152 In Pigcerda the deductions extend to C-26, C-31, C-66, N-2A, and N-260.

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In Lleida, siege operations take place inAP-2, From Ituna to Alpataric, inA-2 In Sos, Villagraca and Tarija in GranianellaN-230 In Fras and Pont de Suert, inN-260 In board and C-14 In Basila, in additionL-12In the Patriarch.

Assembly of the Revolta Pagesa platform at the A-2 junction in Tàrrega (ACN)

The impacts caused delays on other roads around the provinces, especially in Empordà.

This is the situationAP-7 Between Borrassà and Vilafant C-26 I'N-260 In navata, C-31 I'N-2 In Var d'Emburda, theN-2 From Báscara to Villadimouls, from Lerez to Figueres, from N-IIa to Vilamala. It is also found in C-45 In Syros (Sygria).

Facing road closures on Wednesday, Generalitat He activated the Procicat alert plan Mossos d'Esquadra recommends it Reduce travel to affected sections.

Discomfort from meeting with Generalitat

On Tuesday afternoon, a six-hour meeting was held with the Climate Action Department in Manresa. The fact that the counselor did not attend David Mascourt, The matter was not received well by the farmers' representatives, who described it as “hair pulling.” Finally, he was with the Secretary General of the Department, Joseph Vidal

In the evening Mascourt explained this He did not participate in the meeting for family reasons He emphasized that the government and the Farmers' Platform have a common goal, which is that farmers “can earn a decent living”:

Farmers assessed that “progress” had been made on issues such as water or water management reduce bureaucracy, But the state government has not agreed to change the name of the ministry – they want it to be called Agriculture, Fishing and Livestock – or to dismiss the people in charge of the Catalan Water Agency (ACA).

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More than half a hundred tractors cut down a C-14 at Pasila, in Alt Urgell (piloted by Jordi Espluga Codina)

Revolta Bagesa spokesman at the AP-7 intersection, marty planes, He explained the reason for extending the cuts:

“Right now, we are not moving, and we have not gotten anything we asked for.”

Farmers also refuse Unfair competition Of imports that do not respect European Union standards and violate Food chain lawWhich means that the high prices that the consumer suffers from are not reflected on the farmer.

They demand that the agreed-upon measures be translated into government agreements, and warn that they will continue mobilizing until this happens.

Farmers who cut AP-7 in Empordda (ACN)

In Tarija, local farmers also expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of results:

“The meeting did not go as we expected.”

That's how he expressed it Arnau Capdevila, from Revolta Paisa. He also explained that they do not rule out cutting more roads in the Lleida areas.

Some will go home to sleep, although they will leave the tractors on both A-2 and AP-2.

Coordinator of the Unió de Peasos in Girona, Narcissus ButchShe, who is participating in blocking the AP-7 highway, explained that the decision was justified by the authorities’ “lack of interest” in her proposals.

Farmers block the Col Dares River, which connects the provinces of Ripolis and Valesper (ACN/Jordi Borràs)

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